Norfür said

Fake Vintage Puerh?

I feel like this vendor has a bridge to sell me in Yunnan:

Seriously, 1970, with tattered packaging? Even if the age was legit, wouldn’t the bad packaging imply poor storage conditions? And the fact that they just dropped the price down so low makes me feel as if they’re trying to get rid of supply.

Of the few things I’ve learned about Puerh, it’s that people even treat the good old stuff as investments. So I don’t know how I feel about this… My curiosity might just get the better of me, but like… what if it’s crawling with bugs inside or something?

I’m not actually looking for any cakes at the moment. Just ordered a cooked one the other day. I was just wondering about this particular listing.

What do you fine folks think?

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prasi said

The way the packaging is damaged almost makes it look like there were bugs or something eating the paper to get to the leaves. It’s very spotty and strangely precise, unlike if the paper had ripped or something.

This vendor is also on Amazon and Ebay. They have a lot of 20+ year aged pu’erh for $15-20 (150-250g cakes.) I know you can source tea much cheaper in China, but these prices are suspiciously low.

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Teasenz said

Unfortunately, there will always be vendors like this, talking about such offers here helps, but for most people new to pu erh I can imagine it’s hard to resist.

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Well then, it’s more like the legendary raw tea cake 7542 (88 Qingbing), which was manufactured from 1989 to 1992. In other words, its earliest batch is from 1989. Let’s assume this is the REAL 1970 vintage Pu’er, and here’s the market price. As for long-term storage, stable temperature, appropriate humidity, air circulation, and low-light setting are key elements that affect taste. Sad to say, this vendor’s behavior is very unprofessional..

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