What are your favorite herbals/tisanes this winter?

I’m really enjoying the last of my Kusmi Prince Vladimir during the day, but when evening comes, I want to steer away from caffeine. I do enjoy Republic of Tea’s Orange Ginger Mint (https://www.republicoftea.com/search.aspx?ss=Orange+Ginger+Mint&x=0&y=0), and also Harney’s Goji Berry (https://www.harney.com/products/goji-berry-fruit-tea?variant=35000287622). Am curious to try some caffeine-free chai blends, but don’t know where to start! What are you enjoying this winter?

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Shae said

I really like Paromi’s Cinnamon Chai, though it is kind of pricey. I also like Numi’s Rooibos Chai. For something different with chai-type flavors, if you don’t mind the turmeric, I enjoy Golden Milk from Gnat & Bee on occasion.


Bergamot is a favorite for me, so I’ll have to check out the Kusmi tea. Also, how strong is the bergamot flavor in the Orange Ginger Mint? I noticed it’s an orange bergamot mint, not bergamot orange, so I’m intrigued. My husband would love that Goji Berry tea, so I’ll have to add it to my list for our next H&S order. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

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Shae, thanks for the chai recommendations!

Republic’s Orange Ginger Mint has barely any bergamot flavor, to my palate. Some of the reviews on their site indicate that the formulation has changed, so it might be worth trying loose, and amending with a bergamot tea.

Your husband will definitely enjoy the Goji Berry tea. I find it is worth infusing at least twice; the third infusion is wonderfully smooth and delicate.

I have some Harney White Christmas leftover from the holidays, and sometimes I’ll have that in January, even though it seems weird to drink it any time outside Yuletide.

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Skysamurai said

I generally prefer to drink tea but there are times when tisanes just hit the spot or are just what one needs. When I had Covid a few weeks ago I really liked the sampler blend from Brooke Birch https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrookeBirchTeaShoppe

But I also love

Ad I have a special place for these guys because when I was having some intestinal issues the herbal I had from them seriously helped

okay one more lol

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Dustin said

I’m liking David’s Honeycomb Chai (you will hate it if you don’t like black licorice). Also been drinking Harney’s decaf Vanilla Comoro and just got some decaf Paris.

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Courtney said

If you’re hibiscus-averse you may want to avoid, but my partner and I are really enjoying the Carcadet blends from Dammann Frères (provence, fragola, and passion framboise), along with the rooibos-based Carrot Cake. We also enjoy Eton Mess from Bird & Blend, along with their rooibos-based Moondrop Dreams and Rhubarb Custard.

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