I am NOT a chai fan. I’m learning to try things that call themselves “chai,” as I’m learning that there is more than one version of it. This was a happy accident. Husband asked me if I wanted anything from the store, and I’d told him about another brand I’d tried that was chai and asked him to look for some. He came home with this. “It was the only one that said ‘assam chai’,” he said.

I was skeptical. As I said, I don’t generally like chai. However, we were out of town and hotels – when they bother providing what could be considered tea – don’t exactly offer anything remotely drinkable. Luckily the grocery store across the way was able to provide what I’d left at the house (Bad me for not having my travel tea tin stocked. What? I have one! Don’t you?)

So, it was this, hotel “tea,” or nothing. I wasn’t about to send the husband out again, and I didn’t want to buy another whole box of tea to shove in my already-overloaded luggage.

Better than nothing, right? I brewed a cup and the aroma was pleasant. This didn’t smell like any chai I’d ever tried (and I do try them despite my prejudice against chai teas). I took a tentative sip.

Wow. That was nice. Light, flavorful, not at all spicy or bitter. This was chai? I drank the cup and made a second.

While not a favorite, it’s certainly one I will buy again. Though I prefer loose teas, this is a wonderful addition to my tea cabinet for those lazy days when I just want a cup of tea.

Because of this tea, I will give other chai teas a chance. Also because of this tea, I will give more Numi tea a chance. It’s not a brand I’m all that familiar with, but what I have tried I like.

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