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drank Powdered Roasted Oats by Mom
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It’s an oats-centered spin on the Korean summer drink – misutgaru. I felt pie envy from all the pi day posts, but the local bakery only had cookies as the dairy free option today, and there was laundry to do, so I settled for a dessert-like drink that could be made with ingredients I had on hand.

Just as multigrain bread kept getting more complicated as the years went by, bazillion-grain misutgarus emerged. But this one is just the roasted oats powder (toasted oat flour? but not as dark as the photos I found online) mom sent me a year ago (still smells amazing) that’s been living in the freezer + seltzer + maple syrup + 3 large frozen strawberries mashed with my spoon.

I’m pretty happy. The result is like the last few mushy bites of strawberry ice cream melted onto an oat flour belgian waffle, or so I tell myself as I scroll through the news and wait for my laundry to finish drying.

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This wasn’t bad, but I like my 칡 (arrowroot) heavily roasted. These were simply dried. The slices mom brought brewed out as a sort of incompletely dried flavor, as if it had briefly rained in the the middle of the sun-drying process, or as if they were dried indoors instead of outdoors. Who knew I had such specific expectations of arrowroot tea?

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