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I originally purchased a sampler from iHeartTeas and this tea was part of that sampler … it doesn’t appear that the sampler is available through iHeartTeas any longer, however, it does appear that Jacqueline’s Tea Room is now selling teas online … so it IS available to those of us who are on the other side of the country.

This is really tasty. The combination of maple and the hint of smoke from the tea base gives it a very rustic kind of flavor, like wood burning fireplaces and camping in the woods. The blueberry flavor adds a lovely sweet-tart note that really brightens the cup.

Very nice.

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I bought a sample of this a while back from iHeartTeas, they had a Jacqueline’s Tea Room sampler and I got one of the last ones, I think… because they don’t seem to be available any longer.

Anyway, this is really good. I taste delicious caramel and honey tones, as well as a touch of vanilla. I wish there was more of a bake-y, cake-y type of flavor to it as well, though. The black tea is a delicious base, but something is missing as far as the sticky buns aspect…

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not amazingly good. Sweet and decadent tasting. Yummy!


i’ve read stinky buns first i was not sure why some would name their tea that lol caramel honey and vanilla does look good

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This tea is no longer available from iHeartTeas, but that’s where I bought the sampler…

This, I think, is the tea that actually inspired me to order the sampler, as I love floral teas, and rose and lavender tend to be favorites of mine, especially lavender, and it’s one that I don’t often find “done well” – so I like to try them to find new possibilities of favorites.

This is pretty good… a favorite, though? I don’t know. There is something artificial about it in the background… something not quite perfect about it. It’s still quite drinkable, and I’m enjoying it alright, but, it’s not one I’m going to miss. I think I much preferred the other offering from Jacqueline’s Tea Room that I’ve tried… Jacqueline’s tea – that features the honey pollen and lavender.

It’s alright, but only just alright.

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I am surprised that this tea has never been logged here.

This is really nice. It is sweet, the pollen gives it a pleasing honey-like flavor and enhances the floral tones of the lavender. The lavender starts out really soft, almost blurred but in a very palate-pleasing way. As I sip, the lavender slowly comes in to focus. It reminds me very much of an impressionist painting. Up close, at first, it looks a bit messy and the paint strokes don’t seem to make sense, it is not very clear. But after a few steps away from the painting (or taking a few sips of the tea), everything comes in to focus and before you is a beautiful, breathtaking work of art.


JacquelineM should have some of this tea! She is a work of art, too!


What an interesting analogy. I love impressionist art!

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