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drank Crystallized Ginger by China
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My husband’s coworker brought home a big bag of Crystallized Ginger from her recent trip to China, and she’s been making everyone a tisane from it. She gave some to my husband because he’s been having some digestive issues. He knew I’d love it too, and asked me to make some tonight.

It’s delicious! Slightly spicy and sweet. You can pour the boiling water over your ginger slice, and just let it sit in your cup as you sip. I love it so much that I already looked up some online sources of Crystallized Ginger so that we can still have it once our supply from Ling runs out.

I love finding out about new things!

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Jacqueline, around here we can buy it at any old fashioned drug store. The large pharmacies (like Target or Wal-Mart) will also order some things for you like Lor-Ann flavoring oils and such that are really surprising. That is where I get my peppermint oils for home made butter mints.


Some of my colleagues do something similar, only they use a slice of fresh ginger rather than crystalised. I can’t tell you anything about what sort of stuff that results in as I don’t care for ginger myself, but they’re very enthusiastic about it.


ashmanra – This is all new to me :) I found some in the King Arthur catalog that looks plump and delicious! I think I’ll try that one. I’ve heard of it for various baking uses but never actually saw it anywhere!

Angrboda – I’ll have to try that when I have some fresh ginger on hand! I don’t cook with it too often but I do sometimes!


I have a little jar of crystallized ginger I didn’t know what to with since I am a non-cook. I believe I know what to do now!


I have never used crystallized ginger for tea, but I like to grate fresh ginger on a nutmeg grater in my cuppa. It it yummy! But I but the crystallized would be good, too!

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drank Huang Shan Mao Feng by China
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drank chrysanthemum by China
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Chrysanthemum tea is best sweetened slightly, and not made too strong, but the penalty for oversteeping is low. It can be refilled many times. I drank it all summer long when I was in Beijing, only I thought the name was “orange blossom tea” because it sounds like that. Only at the very end of the summer did I bother to look it up to discover that when the shogun is weak this very tea must be strong…

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