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drank Chai Rojo by Blackbird Tea Co.
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Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox – Round #5 – Tea #54
I had to take this remaining teabag out, since it was in a tiny tin (decreasing the weight!) It’s a lovely deep burgundy sweet tasting rooibos that almost didn’t even need the spices, since the rooibos is so nice by itself. The spices weren’t too prominent — actually quite mild. But like I said I wouldn’t complain if this was just rooibos. The second steep I brewed for a long time and it was delicious too.
I’ve also had a few sipdowns lately!

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This tea was perfect for this morning. I swear I have been in a whirl wind of craze lately. Today we are making the last of the big decisions for the wedding which will be only a few months away. Figured why wait with a few family members having health issues. Might as well just go ahead and do it. All I have left to do are my flowers, whatever we are wearing, and the actual ceremony site. So not too much but geez. I feel like I haven’t stopped running.

Anyway, today’s lovely tea is one from Blackbird Tea Co, a company that I really hadn’t heard much about until I started looking around on Steepster.

This tea was very lovely and just want I needed to get going this morning. Not so much caffeine wise, more flavor wise. I wanted something sweet but not overly so and this tea delivered. Reminded me of blueberry jam actually with w tart floral twist.

For the rest of my ramblings-

Happy Friday all!


what sort of dress are you thinking of?


I’m thinking a lace dress with cowboy boots. I’m not a country girl but I love this look. Tomorrow I’m going dress looking. Kinda excited about hanging out with my mom all day.


sounds lovely!


As a mom, that statement makes me smile. Have fun!


I had a great day with my mom and I found the perfect dress for $20 and boots to match for $15. So fun.

White Rabbit

Lace dress with cowboy boots – wonderful!

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drank Blu Blanc by Blackbird Tea Co.
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Not going to lie, I totally bought this one one whim for the 12 Days swap back in December and hoped for the best. This was one of my best ‘cross my fingers and hope for the best’ purchases. The only thing that could please me more was if I had gotten more than 1.5 ounces for the price point. It comes in a cute resealable cardboard tin though, so I’ll forgive a bit of that.

The blueberry flavor is natural and ever so slightly tart. It might actually be the best blueberry flavor I’ve found in a white tea yet. The white tea comes through with it, and is a pretty decent tasting peony, despite the slightly smaller leaf size (and couple of twigs I’ve found). It’s a little vegetal, a little floral, and naturally sweet. It pairs to the blueberry with perfection.

Rah rah successful random tea purchase!

Iced 8 min or more
Roswell Strange

So sad this never made it to me :( Alas, I’ll hold out hope the mail fairies didn’t permanently lose it and some day it’ll show up in my mailbox like a nice, cheery surprise!


Oh no! That’s actually really sad :/

I would be more than happy to send out another package, though! I have more than enough left. Best case scenario they both show up, but at least this way we know for sure at least one hasn’t blitzed into another dimension.


I visited the site many times, and had my credit card info entered at one point, but could never pull the trigger to buy. I decided to wait until the summer time. I really really liked this one!


Their Mocha Mate has me seriously intrigued too, so I might have to make another order sometimes. For, um, science. Yeah.

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drank Blu Blanc by Blackbird Tea Co.
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This tea smelled exquisite while brewing. It had a sweet blueberry hint to it. When tasting, the blueberry flavor was not as strong, but it was still there. Haven’t had a lot of white tea blends. This one looked very delicate and pretty with the small white tea leaves (even thought they are green in color-LOL) and specs of purple/blue. Thanks to Moraiwe for day #4 of 12 Days Christmas 2013, I enjoyed the experience.

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drank Blu Blanc by Blackbird Tea Co.
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I love blueberry flavored teas, blueberry whites definitely take the cake, and this one takes the biggest cake ever, really.

It’s not too strong, and it tastes like actual blueberries rather than being really artificial. There were quite a few blueberries in there too.

Again, another sample where I used the whole thing and I would love to have some more! But I definitely, definitely do not need more tea.

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drank Blu Blanc by Blackbird Tea Co.
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This is the VERY BEST White Tea I have ever had…
love the white tea coming through, but the blueberries are absolutely exquisite they remind me of wild blueberry pancakes…a favorite at our home on special occasions…
thank you so very much!
Merry Christmas

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Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas exchange, from moraiwe!

Quite the blueberry tea. The smell reminded me of a muffin or scone. Very pleasant/mild, so I agree that this would be a good tea to have in the evening or before bedtime.

I’m happy to taste a white tea blend where the flavor comes through. I’ve been wanting to try more white teas, but they’ve all been a little too much on the weak side, for me.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Blu Blanc by Blackbird Tea Co.
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This was the tea for the 4th day of Christmas, and man what a treat it was. I have been searching for great flavored white teas because I like to drink them before bed. In a lot of white tea I have had the flavor doesn’t come through, that was not the case here. The tea was great hot and cold and the berry flavor was so refreshing. I have definitely added this to my shopping list.

Thank you very much moraiwe!

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