16 Tasting Notes

drank Nilgiri OP by Upton Tea Imports
16 tasting notes

Tasty black with some fruitiness – this has been my go to tea when I’m drinking black lately. Great value. Large leaves unfurl when steeped. A little earthy but very balanced and smooth and I have yet to oversteep it – not a ton of tannins here. Sometimes its nice with a touch of sugar.

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Really smooth flavored organic green tea with pineapple and papaya with some blue specs from flowers I think. This a great summer cooler hot or cold and I’ve found myself drinking it alot in the late morning when it warms up.

Tropical fruit on the nose and slight bitterness from the green tea. The great thin about this tea is that you can also taste the green tea along with the fruit – its not overpowering.

If you are looking for a flavored tea that still tastes like tea – check it out.

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Got this as a sample when ordering here. I’ve been drinking Harney’s Assam for a long time and love a really strong brew in the morning that can take milk and sugar.

This is a real high quality Assam with so many subtle flavors that it blows the regular irish breakfast tea bags out of the water. Its not as full bodied as others I’ve had but has some good fruit and maltiness.

A great everyday brew.

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nice- I haven’t had alot of yunnan fop select but the first thing that came to mind was a little chocolate – not sure I’m getting the pepper. smells and taste of chocolate and really smooth without tannins. I dig it.

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drank Shou mei by Sensational Teas
16 tasting notes

Yellow honey color – very interesting melon aroma on the dry leaves. Really great mellow fruity cup. Large leaves and stems. So much melon with a liitle honey on this tea.

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enjoying this Pu-Erh – just got a gaiwan and made it in that – such a dark brew but not astringent at all – good earth flavors and not gnarly.


i like this “not gnarly” descriptor

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so far my favorite tea from the sampling I got from Upton – mild but with some fruit notes.

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been brewing this as slow brewed cold iced tea. love this tea – sweetness from the matcha green and the dried fruits added to the bag. also has all of the benefits of drinking matcha green tea. highly recommended.

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nice blend of black teas and organic to boot. Held well with milk & honey. a nice alternative to my usual.

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Its perfect for the winter months – the blends of cinnamon are incredible – needs no sweetness- check this out even if you aren’t a tea drinker.

Geoffrey Hancock

if you one isn’t a ea drink…what are they doing reading steepster?? :)

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