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Another WIN from 52 Teas – tastes just like it should! I again added some rock sugar to this tea just to really make those flavors pop but I don’t feel it NEEDED it.
I get the caramel, the pumpkin and then just enough of the cheesecake flavor to make me want to chew on it.
A VERY aromatic cup! Smells DELICIOUS made my whole house smell good!
Daughter gives it a thumbs up as well :)


Gah you get your stuff so fast I’m so jealous! I cant wait for mine to come! This will be my first 52 teas tea to try I’m glad it a good one!


Yeah Im sorry – I felt like I waited forever for it lol


Lol I’m glad you like it. i’m so excited!


Thanks :) Hope you like it too!


ugh I want my order! My first order this month only shipped nearly 2 weeks after it was placed. It will be a while for me Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake :(


OMG, THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD! This is why I love fall; all of the Pumpkin shtuff!!!


Ok, now I’m really wishing I had ordered this.

Rebecca Lynn

How are you getting your orders so fast? I placed mine like 10 days ago and it hasn’t arrived.


Well it wan’t exactly fast – I ordered two flavor of the weeks two weeks in a row and just got both of them together in one package. So that means I waited over a week for one HOWEVER keep in mind – 52 Teas is in Wichita Kansas I am in Topeka, Kansas – a stones throw.


What was your steeping temp and time?


195 until it smells ready to drink pretty much. I have gotten lax on timing with an actual timer. Also the 195 worked perfectly even though it is a black tea – Im lazy and my zojirushi was set at 195 so I used it.


I tried 212 with 3 minutes, and it didn’t have much flavor until I reached the bottom of the cup (then it was delicious). I’ll try the lower temperature and see what happens.


Sure hope that helps – mine was WONDERFUL so maybe that is the ticket!

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drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
807 tasting notes

Yay!!! Its here!!
Its steeping RIGHT NOW as I type this!
I can’t wait – I can’t wait!
I’m like a kid at Christmas!
My Gooey Butter Cake tea came along with my Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake today!
Of course I had to try this first although honestly – that Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake tea smells SO SO AMAZING!
Not that this one doesn’t but I think the CPC has a stronger aroma.
Okay let me check my brew here…. Auggg who am I kidding it has not been long enough – but let me tell you its smelling GOOOOOOD!
I think the only thing that was disappointing about getting this tea was I was secretly hoping for some of Frank’s wife’s (wish I knew her name) home made gooey butter cake haha. Yeah I don’t want much do I!?!
Its time!
OKay this is one of those teas you really NEED to add a little sweetener to.
I took my first couple of sips and it was good but I was not getting that CAKEY or GOOEY flavor – added a little rock sugar – AMAZING!
I don’t mind having to add a little sugar now and then to some teas – especially when they are DESSERT teas like this one. Now if I had to add sugar to a tea from teavivre, or mandala, or verdant, or stone leaf etc that would be wrong, but this is meant to be decedent so its fine with me.
With the sugar added its quite lovely. A good black base to hold up the interesting flavors of the gooey butter cake. There is a lemony flavor here too.
Gooey butter cake can come in just the regular flavor or a multitude of flavors really ANY flavor you can imagine.
This one has a lemon zest to it. Its nice.
There is also a toasty quality to it as well.
I am not sure I am going to have to sit with this for awhile. I am getting a bit more of a creme brulee flavor from it which trust me is NOT a bad thing, but I need to just study this one a bit longer and maybe use more leaf – I was light on the leaf in this steep.
Oh and I am absolutely going to have to try this ICED as well like Frank had it!


Oh, how I’ve missed you Azzrian! Love this tasting note!


Aweee thanks! You have only been popping in here and there it seems hope all is well with you!
I took a few days off myself last week though so maybe you were referring to me being away lol


No, I meant me. Hahaha! Sadly, I’ve been so busy of late that popping in here and there is all I have time for. I’m moving in 2 weeks, then off to 2 weddings at the end of the month, plus trying to plan my own. I’m trying to catch up on posts but they seem to appear faster than I can read them! I may not be catching up for quite some time. ;) Still, I really miss the Steepster community.


Geesh your busy! But all good things it seems!
No need to reply – go catch up lol

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Are you really missing Verdant’s Golden Fleece? (edited thanks to Kittenna!) Never got to try any and fear you may never get to? Then get some of this!!!
Its not the exact same tea, and there are noticeable flavor differences but this is as close to it as you are going to get in my opinion!
Stone Leaf Tea is quickly becoming a new favorite tea vendor for me. They have excellent customer service and quality teas!
Granted nothing will replace my love for Verdant or their much desired Golden Fleece but there is no reason we can’t spread the love around!
This is a quality black tea!
There is a slight bit more astringency here than GS but it is not bitter.
I love the flavor notes of pepper, olive, and I also get a buttery mouthfeel.
Its quite pleasing and I plan to keep it around!


Mmmmmmm. I am going to have to try this.


Its lovely – Verdant’s is still better though I just don’t want to hype it TOO much but its as close as it gets!


Golden Strand? :P Golden Fleece!


Uggg THANK YOU I will edit haha

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drank Banana Matcha by Matcha Outlet
807 tasting notes

This is one of those matcha that you will want to have around for the kids, their friends, and when you want to make smoothies, or have a sweet treat. Its not my favorite from Red Leaf but its not bad at all it just reminds me of circus peanuts. Do you remember those things? Sort of like slightly hardened dried out marshmallow like candies. We used to get them at the dime store. Remember when we had “dime stores” … haha anyway I do enjoy this tea – takes me back to the good ol days, and really where they all THAT good? Oh well the point is – this is some good stuff and I do like it but its more of a banana candy like flavor rather than fresh ripe banana but at the same time I just don’t know how natural of a banana flavor one could possibly get – I don’t know if I have ever had a better banana flavor in a tea or anything else for that matter that was not a banana itself. I think that banana flavored things always tend to have that slightly strange flavor to it.
Now, this is where things get really good … I mixed my banana matcha with macadamia nut matcha to make a banana nut like matcha and it was excellent! Made a smoothie out of it that way too! It was QUITE yummy!

I did go with Robust flavoring on this one but I think you could easily go with distinctive and it have plenty of flavor.

You should get some yummy matcha – here is the link to the banana matcha!


oh I LOVE circus peanuts!!! I love how they squish! and smell! and taste! mmm :)


Ah then you should get some of this!!


I think anything sub 90 from Azzrian should be suspect. Girl likes her tea.


Haha this is true – yes there are some lower ratings out there but for the most part these days I know whats I likes haha.

Geoffrey Norman

Banana? Matcha?! That doesn’t sound right at all!


Yeah lol its odd for sure. I mean with so many to choose from though I can’t say it is any more odd than most.

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drank Earl Grey Cheesecake by 52teas
807 tasting notes

Mmmm Ahhhhhhh Mmmmmmm YES! YES! Soooo goooood!
I was so totally absolutely craving this all day long – barely had time for tea today didn’t even get my Matcha time today :(
LOTS of work and the day FLEW by but now – its me and this tea OH YES!

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drank Champagne Rosé by Lupicia
807 tasting notes

Mmmmm Just what I needed today to get me started! Something a little special! I tend to hoard my Lupicia tea for those special times but today needed a special treat just to get a jump start!
This is good!


Might need to try this one! I didn’t order it.


There are so many I want to order from them and an order with them has been a LONG time coming!!!

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drank Bossa Nova by Zen Tea
807 tasting notes

I have loved everything from Zen Tea thus far but this one is not one of the loves.
The flavoring is too artificial tasting to me.
It leaves this almost oily feeling in my mouth and reminds me of what I dislike about many of David’s Teas.

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Meh being even a little sickISH will make a diabetics blood sugars do stupid things – like run high for no reason. I wanted something sweet so this is it for me.
So good. Creamy, caramely and soothing.
I would add some rock sugar or creamer but I can’t at this time.
Normally I have great blood sugars that run low if anything but I’m thinking its almost “lady time” who knows I don’t pay attention anymore – Oh wait TMI
Needless to say … yeah thanks Frank for getting me through my moments.

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Yup this is GOOD! I am totally getting a very light Lime note in the background. I like that.
Its like a cleansing of the palate after the smoky, roasty, caramel flavor hits your mouth then this light zing of a lime flavor comes in and does a little clean up for the saffron and floral after taste to take over!
Have you ever eaten a flower?
I get Spring Mix salad from the store and it has some violets and orchids in it YUMMY! This tastes exactly like that! Fresh and springy yet dark and roasty at the same time!


I’m drinking their spring handpicked tieguanyin right now and it is soooo good. This is definitely on my wish list for my next order :)


wow this sounds amzing

James R

I’ve got some of that on the way…how did you brew it?


I used a mesh strainer and tea cup with steeping lid – nothing fancy at all this time around.

James R

Oh I meant time/temperature!


Ohhh well – in the beginning … I did the short steeps (a matter of seconds) did that about three times at 208 but then I just started letting it sit because I was working, then I was laying on the sofa drifting into a sleep, then I woke up and remembered my steep (15 minutes later) it was cold BUT it was still awesome – you can’t mess this stuff up! Then I got back up and was still sleepy and let it steep about 5 minutes.
But around the time I went to the sofa – I used my Zojiroushi (sp?) Anyway that was set at 195 but it worked fine.
Yeah I was lazy with a good tea – I should be shamed. :)

James R

Sounds good!


Love tea you can’t mess i do forget about them sometimes some become so bad after over-steep that everything i drink taste like it for 3 hours

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Most of my reviews will be “snippits” of full reviews that can be found at http://sororiteasisters.com/
Posted every evening at 6 EST.
I usually try to post the exact date that the full reviews will post however sometimes post dates need changed so it may not always be correct. Generally the dates are correct however.

About Me:

Most of my reviews, although not all, will be quite favorable of the tea. This is not because all tea is excellent, but more so because I generally will not waste my time on an inferior tea. If I do not care for a tea I won’t continue to drink it let alone spend time reviewing it. If you see a review by me you basically know it is a quality tea. Granted it may not suit your specific taste buds, we all like different things, but as for a tea on the whole it is a good one, from a good company.

I am a spiritual advisor by profession.
I have two “young adult” children.
Four cats and three dogs.

Some of my hobbies include gardening, essential oil therapy, natural perfumery with essential oils, and cooking.

I look for complexity overall in any tea, dimensions to the flavors.

I believe tea should evoke a feeling, thought, emotion, or attitude.

I enjoy most all oolongs, blacks, whites, and greens.

I always love to try a good yellow tea.

I favor unadulterated teas but I do have my longings for a good flavored tea now and then so I don’t rule them out by any means!

I enjoy green rooibos don not like red rooibos.

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