This is definitely freaking medicine! It taste and scents so completely different than everything I ever experienced before. Scent wise within its dry stage there is a small hint of a Sheng Puerh flair. Within its steaming wet phase your are going to notice a known White Tea scent but also something very herbal citrus like-ish. Taste wise you can feel this herbal medicine spiciness taking over every possible sensing, tasting or scenting functions of your body. Every cell even the smallest ones are effected and under control. This spiciness is cooling your mouth and throat region instantly without hesitating any second. There is no time to rethink or think at all – Everything is now and now is everything! This tea really gets you were you wouldn’t believe it could reach. It equips you with wings but keeps you on the ground at the same moment.

Getting deeper and deeper with this elegant precious tea you will discover more and more of it. In fact after a couple of cups I finally found the best description I could possible hand you over TCM meets Jassid bitten Tea! In this case the itemized formula sounds like this chrysanthemum flowers, Goji berries, dried Chinese red dates, Licorice root, Ginseng, Longan plus a fine cane sugar taste connected with this floral but more exotic fruity taste of an Oriental Beauty jassid bitten tea. Within this fruitiness there is an excellent fusion of passion fruit, a fine layer of sweet orange followed by a hint of lychee plus a fine citrus-hint. This is definitely a warming tea. Highly recommendable!

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I felt in love with their history, movies, Tv-Shows, food, Anime, Videogames, tea culture – nearly everything. 2009 was the first time I visited Japan – it was a feeling of finally being home. Since that time I developed such a passion for tea because tea combines so many aspects I love. Taking photos, writing, Asian culture, the connection to mother nature and its history, the love for craftsmanship (Teaware etc).

Within 2013 I started my teablog called ZeroZen(https://zeroteazen.wordpress.com/) – the first couple of years I only posted content in my mother language German. But within 2016 I discovered Instagram for myself and found the perfect medium for my artistic output which is now completely and exclusive in English ^___~





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