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I had my list of teas ready to select when I went into Chado Tea Room. (I usually buy 1 oz sample sizes and buy up to 8 teas at a time. And buy more when I’m done drinking them.) I’m so nice I even took a friends list of teas to pick-up.
This tea wasn’t on my list nor was it their in store Tea List but made it there when the tea assistant said is there anything else you would like to try…hmmmm…no rush he says…lol there was only 20 mins left in his day! What about pomegrante? He said that they have a white tea flavored w/ pomegrante. I said, Yes, I’ll take that! I didn’t even smell it or ask the price. I just said I would take it.
Pomegrante is one of my favs. I like to spend time taking it apart when eat it fresh. =) I try really hard not to lose any of those arils. I also enjoy Pai Mu Tan white tea.
I tired the tea serveral times since I got it. (8 oz size cups) I liked it unsweeten and sweeten with sugar. The tea brews to a light brown color and smells really nice. Sweetening w/ honey may have been a mistake since the honey had orange blossm flavoring. I think I put too much honey in the tea making it too sweet. I stuck with just plain white sugar cubes.
The flavor is sweet & mild. There is an evenness to the flavors mixed in the tea.
Drinking it cold was great as well – so I will have to make this into an ice tea on those hot summer days of ours.
I think this tea will be ordered again when I go back to Chado =)

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Found myself reading through Chado Tea Room ‘Tea List’ looking for green teas to try. Listed as special tea – Emei Mountain Bamboo Green tea is that. The dry leaves are very dark in color as compared to other green teas with hint of white on the dry leaves. I think I was attracted to the the color of the leaves. Brewed the leaves turn in to a pale green color with none of the white showing.
I did three 8 oz steepings ~ the 1st was just over to bitter taste. The color was a color of the dry leaves. Very little veggie smell smooth taste with some honey overtones. 2nd was a wash – way too bitter. This is what I get to tasting teas at work ;-). The 3rd is very pale in color almost like a white tea but slightly darker.
I would say I did enjoy this tea but won’t be able to try it again. As I’ve found out I’m allergic to it. =/ Oh the joys of finding that out.
I did not find this on Chado’s web site but it is listed in their in-store Tea List. (S-314)

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drank Pu-Show by Chado Tea Room
16 tasting notes

Brewed this one up today. The dry leaves are really dark – mix in are the white tea leaves. Reminded me of fall – light & dark mixed together. You get a mixture of leaves & leaves attached to the stems/limbs of the tea tree.
When brewed the color is dark brown almost like coffee. There is veggie smell when brewed. The tea could handle the addition of milk to it.
I brewed the tea in an 8 oz cup for 3 mins.

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I woke up this morning tired and with a sore throat. First signs of getting ill. Yikes! Was thinking of a wake-up tea to drink but the throat won out.
I brewed several cups of this. Letting it cool each time before I drank the herbal tea. Smelling the tea reminds me of spring. Fresh – light. Seeing the tea makes me think of the sachets you put in your drawer. Fluffy & light. If the wind came it would blow away in a whirl of yellow.
Since I drink most of my teas at work I prepare them before hand in a Finum tea filter(extra slim size). I couldn’t put enough tea in the tea filter to get much of taste out of them. I ended up useing my infuser from my Bodum teapot. I added about 2-3 scoops of tea and poured the water over it. We had a busy day today- I didn’t pay attention to the brewing times. I added one cube of sugar to an 8 oz cup. I think it would taste fine without sugar too. (Think I was trying to trick my mind into believing I had honey instead.)
I must say I did enjoy this hebal tea. I’m looking forward to drinking it again when I’m not sick. =)

185 °F / 85 °C

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Today was very funny in that I was being an absent minded professor. I went to pick up my mug & found it empty. I had not gone to prepare my tea today. Must have too much on my mind. =) So, I waited until the afternoon to try this Teas’ Tea.
Bottle number four for Teas’ Tea by Ito En. I’ve found heaven. LOL I’m smacking my lips saying ‘oh yeah’. This is a class act of ice teas. You are wanting more after tasting this.
The citrus is not too much and the sweetness is low key that could handle an additional kick. But not too much otherwise you might pucker you lips. Yes, I could call this an Earl Gary type ice tea. I’m thinking about getting a bunch of my friends and ordering a case =).


You know, I pick up an empty cup at least once a day. Most of the times I just forget that I finished the cup, but sometimes it is just a clean, empty cup.


mrawlins2 Me cup was very clean & smelled of fresh soap! :D

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drank Jasmine Green Tea by Ito En
16 tasting notes

I had this tea and was ready for it to taste great but I have to say it was beyond great. I’m beginning to think this might be my tea of choice for summer.
Teas’ Tea Green Jasmine smells like jasmine from the moment you open the bottle. I didn’t feel the need to add sweetener to the drink. If I had I’m sure the flavors would have popped just as it should. I did add it to ice but drank it quickly.
Note: The bottling is different than what is listed in the above picture.
This is what my bottle looked like. http://www.itoen.com/tea/index.cfm?sp=product&catID=1&id=105

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Can’t figure what I don’t like more about this tea…having it pre-sweetened or the after taste from the Stevia. Maybe I just over steeped it and that was just why it was bad all around. But I’ll never know since I only had one of these to try. Let me re-phrase that…I have others flavors but no more lemons to try.
The ahh moment, I forgot this company also makes the sugar alternative in this tea. -Stevia. I’m not a fan of non real sugar products. That stuff & my tummy have a long talks =/

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drank Teas' Tea Rose Green by Ito En
16 tasting notes

I decided to change it up today rather than have hot tea I would have ice tea. The funny thing is it’s not hot outside today either. (This was another find from the World Tea Expo.)
Rose Green tea is a light – unsweetened tea. I likey! I added just a touch of Hawaiian Cane Sugar and the flavors just punch up enough to make me smile more. This tea reminds me of what summers should/could be all about.
I told my friend I would share 1/2 of the 16. oz bottle w/ her but I don’t think I want to now. =) I would buy this drink and am looking forward to trying the other three I have from Teas’ Tea.

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drank Chai Green by Stash Tea
16 tasting notes

Ok, so I admit to drinking this tea when I’m in a hurry and can’t take the time to ‘set-up’ my loose-leaf suff or ran out of it. Or when I have short work days like today. :D I do enjoy this tea for what it’s worth. Add two cubes of sugar & some milk & way we go. With mug in hand – working 1/2 day – we’re set to go.
Happy 4th of July :D!

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
16 tasting notes

So, the last few days have been hell. Had to decide which tea to drink to make things normal again. Paris! Yes, Paris. I’ve been to the real deal and would love to go back. I, of course, picked Paris up for the name and not expecting much but when you smell it you really say ‘ohhh’.
The first thing that I think of from my visit to Paris is the citron tart I had. Oh if only I could bake that good. The tea brings back some of those memories and the other great foods that I had.
I will have to make sure I get more soon. I see some interesting days ahead. :DT he tea reminds me of a lighter Earl Grey but very smooth & not hard in flavor.
Drink w/ a bit of sugar in 8 oz cup ~ serveral cups were enjoyed.

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Like most everyone I started out drinking Lipton tea. On a trip back to my home state of Oregon, I discovered Stash Tea Company. I liked them because they were from my home state and the flavors that I found. =) On a trip to Paris, France, I stopped by Mariage Freres. I had my “Ahhh” moment. The gentleman asked what I liked – at the time Earl Grey. My eyes went wide when he picked up this barrel of tea & shook it, opened the lid and said smell. I was in love. My first taste of loose leaf tea was Imperial Earl Grey. I took a break from tea but continued to drink Stash Tea.
Another door to explore opened with the discovery of Jane Pettigrew’s The Tea Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide. I started marking off the teas I tasted in her book. I have purchased other tea books as well but Jane’s book has been the one I have always returned to for teas. I had the pleasure of picking up Jane’s new updated version of the book at the World Tea Expo. I look forward to tasting more teas. =)


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