drank 2021 Bosch by white2tea
32 tasting notes

The hot leaves smell like sweet apricot/mango/tropical. Intense. As they cool I get more mushrooms.

Full, sweet and unripe. Very fruity. Intense. Wet leaves give me almost an alcoholic feeling.

Wet leaves: more hay and mushrooms. Good astringency and increased spiciness. Delicate huigan. White grapes. My head starts to slow down.
For now this reminds me of “boundless 2020 by EOT”.
Something tells me this tea needs to rest and mature a bit.

Sweet mushrooms aroma, then parfume/apricot as the leaves cool down.
Liquor is very sweet, slightly Cooling. A lot of unripe grapes. A sort of parfumey quality.
Not so intense. Delicate but persistent huigan. Mind numbness.

Aroma: strong apricot/perfume. Mushroomness is gone.
Liquor evolved showing different qualities: thicker body and very intense. More astringent and spicy. Drying. Strong fruity huigan in the throat and back of the month.

Aroma: peach, fermentation, flowers.
Swallowing the liquor gives me an interesting feedback.
Sweetness astringency and bitterness are all well integrated. It’s a bit drying and feels rough in the throat.

Spicy mushrooms are back. It’s interesting how the aroma keeps changing.
I feel nervous and stoned at the same time.
Melted ice fruity sweet pepper spicyness. Still going strong.

Now I’m picking up more honey.
Starting to lose intensity and introducing a more sharp astringency.
I feel a strong tension in my chest.

1 minute infusion.
A new sourness appears. Everything feels sharper.
I may have to stop as my anxiety is getting worse.

Much stronger honey. Milder and honeyed liquor.

Mild sweet honey.

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The tea is still strong, but his character changed completely from the beginning. Mushroom-honey soup.

Boiling 4 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

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