When I became a daily tea drinker in 2015, one of the first flavours I was introduced to was Forever Nuts from DAVIDsTEA, which is amazing. Shortly afterwards I tried Toasted Almond Brittle and found it to be almost the same, but I haven’t had it since.

Forever Nuts has become a staple for me, so when I ran out while the stores were closed due to COVID-19, I needed to place an online order. I’ve ordered from DAVIDs a few times with no problem, but I remembered one time they shipped via Purolator, whose drivers have a nasty habit of leaving an “attempted delivery” notice and driving away without actually buzzing to see if anyone is home. As a result, I had to pick it up at their shipping centre, which is a further drive than if I’d just gone to the store in the first place. I really didn’t want to risk that happening this time, but I remembered having this similar tea before and with the help of my old spreadsheet, I was able to track it down.

I was super excited to receive my order but as soon as I opened the package, I knew from the fragrance that it wasn’t the same, and my first cup confirmed it. The ingredients are similar, but Forever Nuts has “Artificial sweet roasted almond flavouring” whereas as Toasted Almond Brittle has natural flavour, and it makes me sad to realize that it’s the artificial flavouring that makes Forever Nuts so magical. I can only assume that because I hadn’t been drinking it very long when I tried Toasted Almond Brittle the first time, I didn’t realize how different they actually are.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll admit that I do like Toasted Almond Brittle, but I don’t love it. I don’t know whether I would bother getting it again, simply because there are so many other flavours I like better, including others from Tea Squared.

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