I am thankful to be here amongst other tea enthusiasts! I became enraptured with tea in 2010 in Santa Cruz, CA. I started my tea path at some really great places- Squidrow, Rivendell and Hiddenpeak. I tried many wonderful teas from Shou’s to Shengs – many were mysterious though- as a lot of shops will rename their teas based on there experiences! I started branching out and buying tea online and visiting shops all over the Bay Area. I found a beautiful meditative practice in Gongfucha, learning mainly from classes and observing David at Hidden peak. He is a gem. After years of solo and maybe one or two people tea ceremonies I started sharing the joy of tea ceremony with others! I had the great opportunity to serve tea at Constant Creations Studio and have found my passion for tea and Teaism grows daily. I now live stream an Online Tea House to further share this joy and fun with others!


Portland, OR


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