I prepared this three ways:

*with a few ounces of hot water and whisked in a chawan
*stirred with a few tablespoons of cold water and topped with cold, unsweetened cashew milk
*stirred with a few tablespoons of hot water and topped with hot, unsweetened cashew milk

I wasn’t crazy about this in any preparation and I definitely had to sweeten it all three times. The matcha itself is only slightly bitter, but the chocolate flavour just seems to demand sweetness. It’s sort of unpleasant and weird to drink unsweetened chocolate. I’m also not sure that chocolate and matcha flavours mesh that well together.

The preparations with cashew milk were both better than with water alone. I think the extra creaminess really works with the chocolate. Dairy milk would probably be even better since it would bring a lot of its own sweetness to the mix.

I didn’t have any trouble finishing my sample pack, but I won’t be re-ordering this.

Flavors: Bitter, Dark Chocolate

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