Considering I’m not a big licorice fan, it came as a bit of a surprise to me that I liked this tea. I have a full canister of it (bagged), and I probably drink it a few times a month.

The tea in the canister smells herbal and spicy, almost medicinal, but in a good way. You can definitely smell the ginger and anise. It smells similar while brewing, but a bit less strong. This is a tea that benefits IMMENSELY from honey – all you need is a few drops, and the flavor changes from a weak, somewhat gingery/anise tea to a nice strong and complex ginger mint with a hint of citrus. For some reason, I like that this tea tastes a bit medicinal (in the herbal sense, not in the cough syrup sense), but I do have to be in the mood for it. It does leave a bit of a tingle in my throat from the ginger, but I like that too.

I like this tea after meals, when I feel like I may have eaten a bit too much, or the food just isn’t sitting quite right. It’s very easy on the stomach.

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I hate coffee and I love teas of all stripes (including herbal/tisanes)! My tea stash is getting out of control, so I’m trying to work through it – current count is 152+ flavors/types of tea/tisanes, bagged and loose. Woo!

My ratings:
0-10: Undrinkable. Probably threw the container away in a fit of rage.

10-25: Urgh. Gross. I need to give it away as it is taking up valuable tea cupboard space.

25-40: Uhh…why do I have this? May attempt foisting it onto my boyfriend.

40-55: Kinda funky, might drink it if I’m feeling under the weather and find it helpful, but that’s about it.

55-70: Ok, no great shakes, but I’ll drink it without complaint. I probably wouldn’t buy it again though.

70-85: If I come it across it and I’m in the mood, I’ll probably repurchase it.

85-100: Awesome! I will take extra time to find this again, and cry bitterly if it has been discontinued.


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