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I am finally getting around to posting notes about the wonderful teas from Dammonn Freres from the group order that Marzipan coordinated. Thank you, Marzipan! When my husband offers me tea in the morning I get to say, “Something French.” :). It has been a lot of fun.

I looked up the Charlotte-style dessert this tea is based on, wow, I am looking forward to making some gorgeous summer desserts! I have liked all the DF teas so far— they are all so comforting. Steeping time is key (the low recommended end) to avoid the base overwhelming the rest of the flavors. I don’t sweeten my teas, but I took a sip after a bite of cake and found the fruit flavors really popped. There is a stewed fruit quality, like jam without the sugar, and that awesome biscuit taste, reminds me of ladyfingers. A solid choice for a fruity black.

Flavors: Pastries, Stewed Fruits


I’m so glad! This is one of my husband’s favorites.


I didn’t see your score until after I had posted— we match!

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Fresh roasted artichoke hearts! Not getting much reminder of the sea— more like appetizers on my grandma’s patio in California farmland. So good that it is a struggle not to gulp it down. Wow. AU teas keep surprising me. I need more of this!

Second steep is artichoke leaves— the fleshy good part that you scrape off with your teeth. I don’t know why but this is making me so happy right now! Is this what tea drunk feels like?

Flavors: Artichoke

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 30 sec 3 g 10 OZ / 295 ML
Sakura Sushi

I love artichokes, but in a tea? Very unusual. Obviously it works for you! I was curious about this one – I have to say the name and the description was intriguing, but not enough for me to go for it.


I would never have thought artichoke tea sounded good either! To be fair, others may not get an artichoke flavor— I think AU bills it as bread and grass. Definitely savory.


I never liked the idea of a tea tasting like vegetables, even though I love artichokes, spinach, etc. :)

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I’ve never had an actual hot cross bun, but if they taste like orange cranberry rolls with a good amount of cinnamon, then this blends nails it. Doesn’t taste like a Rooibos, and if I didn’t know from the ingredients that it contains hibiscus I think that one would have slipped right by me, although it is a tart tea. Instead I get a bready citrus aroma. I can taste the cinnamon baked good flavor at the front of the sip, followed by orange and cranberry. I don’t sweeten my teas, but this one makes me want to try the next cup with a bit of honey.

Flavors: Bread, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Orange Zest


Love this tea!!! It tastes just like a hot cross bun…. except I usually take my hot cross buns with butter, strawberry jam and cream and I miss them desperately since moving to the States!! :)


I’m so curious to try this!

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Waited for several cups to review this one. I kept hoping it would make a stronger impression on me. It’s pleasant— I can taste the rhubarb and a subtle creaminess. I expected stronger flavors based on the reviews, but I am thinking that it might be my taster since I have some sinus symptoms going on.

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drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
94 tasting notes

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Yeah, it’s pretty medicinal. Disappointing because of all the AU selections this is the one that I was most excited to try. I see that they were going for pine needles, but other flavors are overwhelmed. Even so, there is a slightly salty, slightly smoky, slightly sweet taste at the end of each sip which becomes more consistent as it cools. And then the cardamom comes out, which although I love cardamom, I think it is part of what’s wrong here— it really contributes to the medicinal taste.

No regrets on trying this sample or any of the other AU selections so far. Each has been surprising, intriguing, with a quality tea base— by far the most interesting if not the most delicious that I have tried. And I have this feeling that as my tea journey unfolds interesting may begin to trump delicious…

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drank Wedding Tea by Harney & Sons
94 tasting notes

Sip down…I have tried various steeping methods trying to hit the creamy lemon notes described by others, but I keep getting a soapy taste from this— like the fancy little soaps in mom’s guest bath that get dusty because they are only for “company.” Must be the lemon-rose combo. I am not a fan of floral flavors.

Flavors: Soap


It’s so hard to get those creamy lemon notes and not worth the hassle, anyway.


If you like lemon teas, remind me to send you a sample of the DF one I have that is lemony. Noel a something.

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