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reviewed Tea For One by Bodum
5 tasting notes

I have an older model of this Bodum Tea for One, and I use it all the time to brew loose tea at work. The only complaint I have is the mesh gets stained easily and it’s not easy to clean it off. Doesn’t affect the function of the infuser, just cosmetically it doesn’t look nice. I recommend this simple system otherwise!

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This is my first time trying Pu-erh tea. After reading all the comments I was hopeful that a great new experience awaited me. I am disappointed so far – this tea doesn’t seem to have much flavor at all. I have re-brewed the leaves 3 times, each time longer than the last, and it never seemed to improve. The flavor is not bad, it IS earthy, and reminds me of lapsang souchong, but I expected more. Maybe next time I will steep it longer initially.

I did what a lot of others said, and rinsed the leaves for about 10-15 seconds and poured out the water, then re-steeped. Maybe this removed a lot of the flavor? I’ll keep experimenting, as I really want to like this tea! Any suggestions are welcome to this pu-erh newbie.. :)


What water temp did you use? Boiling, even rolling boil is usually suggested. Most pu’erh tea that I’ve drank, you certainly aren’t left wanting for flavor. They can be oversteeped (for my liking. Too dark and strong – overpowering) pretty quickly. Also, you may add a little extra on the leaves. Hope this helps!

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This was my first experience into the world of Genmai cha tea. I was introduced to it several years ago by a good friend who drank it all the time while we were at work at Barnes & Noble. It was hard to find, but when I finally did buy a tin for myself, I loved it! I really like earthy tastes, and this tasted like grass and rice, which I loved.

Many people say this Republic of Tea version is not the best example of genmaicha, and now that I have tasted others, I know that this one is different. I think it is easier to drink than “better” genmaichas, and I am glad this was my introduction.

If you have tried other genmaichas and found them hard to like, try this one – it is milder flavored, even if it is not “proper”.

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