This is a funky and unusual tea with a complex array of enduring flavors; tart plum, mint, earthiness, dark coffee. There is a pungent sharpness to it and a slightly bitter backbone, as well as a smooth and reasonably thick body. The mouthfeel is highly dynamic and an absolute star here. Quite an experience altogether, and one that may require multiple sessions to fully appreciate.

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Loose leaf tea drinker since 2006. I began with Adagio and Upton and moved on from there.

My reviews are concise and only describe flavor and texture. I avoid the 0-100 rating scale, for two reasons. First, there is no objective measure and a score of 100 for a newbie could be 70 for an experienced connoisseur. Second, users may ignore the review itself and focus solely on the score, which could lead to an unfair assessment of the tea and possibly impact the merchant’s reputation and sales.


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