2016 Sheng Olympics

Story time: Instagram is one of my favorite places and I kind of enjoy looking at all the pictures, so it’s of no surprise that I have AllanK on my radar. This is someone, like many of us, who really enjoys tea. Now, here is where this is relevant, he buys tea by the car load and hires an Uber driver to deliver it once it arrives to the post office nearest to him. That’s the amount of tea that he has, now just imagine how much he has tasted and how critical he can be on tea. After about a year of observing his pictures, seeing the difference between the old and new phone, and reading what he has to say I can say this with no doubt: Allan has no bias towards any particular shop and is always on the hunt for good tea whether it is through Ebay or a well known vendor.

Now, let me first say that Allan does not hire an Uber driver to deliver tea and that it’s not a car load at a time. Humor just has to find its way in this because I’m sipping away at this 2011 Bang Wei when I shouldn’t be… there is other teas that I can drink that would be in a better order as I won’t be drinking the 07’ for some time. I’m drinking this because of the review I read, some trust is put in my tea friend as he made remarks of it being good and those thoughts ate at me…

Upon brewing this, the aroma hit me like: you sir will be my date tonight. Sure enough, 16 steeps into this tea and I’ll probably hit 20+ no problem. I will agree with everything Allan said about this tea and I am quite glad that I added it to the 2016 Sheng Olympics. Pretty excited to try the 2007 as well, hoping that it has the clarity and sweetness that this tea has when it comes to having a pure taste that doesn’t deviate from the earlier steeps.

This and the 07’ version will be compared to the CLT in regards to what to purchase as I suspect they will all be similar because the You Le (YS) is more of the medium level sheng for my taste buds so it fits in a different category.

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