My best friend came over tonight which means I drank about 30 cups of liquid. Tonight was a top contestant hard cider from 2013 that got a 98 rating during the World Beer Championship (even though it’s not a beer) and then we moved onto some 2015 dragonwell, 1989 suncha, and 2009 Meghai Dayi; suffice to say, I treat my bestfriend with the best of the best because I love her for discussing all the nasty stuff about life that I contemplate- that is kind of misleading as I enjoy her for being herself, as I do with everyone being true to who they are.

I mistakenly went into this without reading about it :/
All I knew was that this is a pu’erh blend from 1989, I had no idea of the smoky content or else I would of used it on another day as we just drank some rather sweet cider.
This is a complex tea! I only steeped it 14 times, but I can say that it starts out by making a camp fire in your mouth and slowly the night beats the fire down until there is just a wind that blows by with hints of the aftermath to remind you of what you just experienced. Megan claims that this taste like expensive smokey sea salt from the store but without the salt… I told her to shut up because that sounds unappealing; to that I got a laugh and not hearing it being compared to a seasoning salt.

I will need to try this again sometime with nothing else drank or ate within an hour because there is a lot to pick up and notice within this tea. I will admit I prefer the latter steeps to the earlier, but this is true with all pu’erh I have came across because I like my mellow and sweet notes :)

p.s. this is my first sheng/shou blend which made me happy to finally try!

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