This is a great starter pu-erh. I wish this would have been my first pu-erh trial. I started with a plain pu-erh. Now with the lightness of trying this, I’m going to go back and try my plain pu-erh with a different attitude.

As for tasting, has a nice light strawberries and cream essence, but the pu-erh shines through nice and delicately. First sip is nasal strawberry. Some light musty pu-erh notes, then an acidic or is it alkalinic? After taste on your tongue like when you test a 9 volt battery. Some metallic irony hints as well. This was the only tea I really liked out of my first Teavana purchase.

I actually brewed 3 minutes (slider doesn’t work well on mobile) and water temp about 1 minute after I stopped the boil.

2 min, 0 sec

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