It’s the time of year again when I hoard pumpkin spice teas because I NEED them.

That said, this is more ‘Cinnamony Pumpkin Pancakes’ than ‘Syrupy’. There’s huge pieces of cinnamon in the dry mix; I had to break a few to get them to fit into my tea ball. The smell of it, both dry leaf and brewed tea, is also overwhelmingly of cinnamon and other spices. It goes without saying that it tastes mainly of cinnamon when it’s freshly brewed, and just a bit bitter from the Ceylon. When it cools a little the other spice flavors come out a bit more, and just a little bit of pumpkin. If the syrup’s there at all, it’s lost under all the spices. It’s not particularly pancakelike either; it’s really more of a cinnamon-heavy pumpkin chai than anything else.

I took the package’s advice for my second cup and added maple syrup as a sweetener; then I got the maple flavor because I added it myself. So yeah, BYOS if you want the ‘syrupy’ part of this at all.

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Even though my profile picture’s the worgen crest, rest assured my heart belongs to the Horde.

I’m a gamer girl who drinks a lot of tea. My tastes tend heavily towards black tea, though I won’t turn down a nice green or white either.

I stay away from most herbals because far too many of them have hibiscus. I find hibiscus disgusting. Nor am I a fan of rooibos; the taste has to be pretty heavily masked for me to drink it. Usually if I’m drinking a tisane it’s something purely floral like lavender, or rose buds, or chrysanthemum.

I’ll almost always put sugar in my tea, unless it’s something that really doesn’t work well with it (I will never ever add sugar to lapsang souchong again) or something that honestly doesn’t need it or would be ruined by it, like most unflavored greens or whites.

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