Twisted tight package
Light, bright, and sweet on the breath
Goes well with my roll.

The dry leaf is rolled into twisted little bundles about the size of a grain or two of rice. It is still quite green with a little brown oxidation showing through here and there. There is probably about a 60-40 ratio of dark green to lighter. They smell like a slightly more perfumed version of hay or pet bedding.

My first steeping was yesterday, so I don’t remember details other than that is was a pleasing, brighter contrast to the darjeelings I was sampling. The leaves were still pretty tightly rolled, so I figured I’d save the rest for today.

I have no idea how long my second steeping was (the first was 3 mins on the dot). I got distracted and, honestly, it could be over OR under three; my sense of time is rarely accurate. The wet leaves are now half unfurled and smell like sweet grass. They are mostly whole leaves 3-4cm long. The liquor is light-gold in color and…..I just accidentally stuck my nose in it trying to fully smell its aroma! Feels like a giant dork xD Well, I’m halfway down the cup now and it’s not a strong aroma. Sweet, floral more than grassy. I’m enjoying this steep as much as I remember enjoying the last one. No astringency or bitterness.

Third steep, still going strong….Fourth….was a little lighter, so I steeped the fifth for 4 minutes. And four is where I think I’d stop. The fifth steep, while drinkable, is starting to taste astringent and I’d hate to ruin my memory of the good steeps.

I had to update this rating because I really enjoy this tea! It’s the first one of the Simply Loose Leaf boxes that I’m thinking seriously of buying. And….it has to hit 85 since I’ve been pushing it on people. xD

Flavors: Floral, Grass, Sweet

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I’m just starting out on my tea journey. There is so much to learn. O.o

First stop: try as many of the free teas around me as possible!

My ratings:
0-15 I couldn’t even finish the cup
15-35 I regretted brewing the cup
35-50 Drinkable, but not enjoyable
50-60 Drinkable
60-75 Recommendable, enjoyable, also intriguing
75-85 Wonderful, hits-the-spot
85-95 I’d love another cup and I’ll push one on you, too
95-100 The best tea ever


Washington, USA

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