Dark liquor worries
Aroma tantalizes
A delight to sip

This little treasure was given to me by a woman in my steampunk club. No explanation, just “You like tea. Here, take this ziplock baggie of random teas”. It came in an adorable little box with no brewing instructions and I brewed the heck out of it (I’m at work; distractions are par to the course).

I was surprised at how dark the liquor was, like a mahogany varnish. The smell is delicate and definitely full of pear. When I sip it, I can tell it’s oversteeped, but its just the barest edge of…bitter. I agree that it tastes like a light black, without the grassy earthiness of green. (Is that what white tastes like?) And I do get some of the pear flavor coming through, definitely at the front and end (breath) of the taste. It’s light, and I enjoy that it’s sweet and not overwhelming. I would love to try this again with a shorter steep time. But, for now, This is a nice wake-me-up-on-a-cold-afternoon tea.

Flavors: Pear

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I’m just starting out on my tea journey. There is so much to learn. O.o

First stop: try as many of the free teas around me as possible!

My ratings:
0-15 I couldn’t even finish the cup
15-35 I regretted brewing the cup
35-50 Drinkable, but not enjoyable
50-60 Drinkable
60-75 Recommendable, enjoyable, also intriguing
75-85 Wonderful, hits-the-spot
85-95 I’d love another cup and I’ll push one on you, too
95-100 The best tea ever


Washington, USA

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