Very happy with this. I was looking for a basic electric kettle to heat up water for between one cup to four cups, so I could have a random glass of tea. Or both myself and my BF could take traveler mugs to work with tea in the morning.

With cold water, Filled to max-level, it took about 10 minutes to get to 212 (F). When I finally made a cup of tea with much less water, it took only a couple of minutes to get to 180 for me. It has a nice hold function which keeps your tea at the temp you need. As well as preset temperatures (just click the “temp” button and you rotate through the options).

And I did NOT know this when I purchased it, but after you pour your tea, you just press the + button and a timer starts up, counting down. So you can use that to watch how long your tea has been steeping. It isn’t a very useful timer for me because I want an alert to tell me my 3 minutes are over. But- it does let me know how long it steeped exactly. Helpful!

So far I really love this. It’s going to get tons of use. I was weary at first because reviews on Amazon spoke about rust. But apparently there was an old batch that wasn’t coated or treated properly that had rust issues. It seems they’ve been replacing the defective models (if you dig through amazon comments you’ll find some of these).

Perfect for what I need!

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I discovered a love for tea when I started a Ketogenic diet (http://www.reddit.com/r/keto). Cutting carbs/sugars meant I needed a daily caffeine fix in another form. I don’t like coffee by itself (and I dislike fake sweetners if possible), Mountain Dew is out of the question. Tea?

I started with very little tea knowledge. I grew up with my mom’s herbal tea blends that I hated – and every so often I’d get something from the grocery store to try out. No good. So when I went on my keto journey, I threw myself into learning about teas. I grabbed samples from all over the web and changed everything I knew about tea.

Now – I only drink tea by itself. No addins at all. I prefer black blends, or single-note greens. I like robust teas that don’t taste like flavored water, instead are a whole entity to themselves. I love matchas, masalas, and genmaichas. I’m learning about all kinds of teas – the possibilities seem endless. Yum.

My rating system, roughly:

100 = I will Marry You.
90-99 = Adore. Stockpile time!
70-89 = Good. Wishlisting this stuff!
50-69 = Decent, will finish my stock but not likely to buy again.
40-49 = Not a fan. Will try to sell/trade/give away my stock
00-39 = Crap. Maybe I’ll give it away. Maybe I’ll use it as fertilizer.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota



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