Heya Steepsters, So I’d like to thank Martin at LittleRedCupTea for the generous sample. SIPDOWN!
It’s initial taste is one of a milder bitterness extent as found in walnut oil, only with hints of sasmine and green tea. The tea taste is a little vegetal and unbitter but not entirely sweet either, mmm complex and subtly jasmine.
Further, my cup of jasmine green is not overpowering with the jasmine bouquet in fact it reminds me of the smell of the actual jasmine bush with something a little bit camphor sort of pine tree at Christmas.
Further still, I must have let this last cup sit out too long and have to remind myself that there will be more steepings, oh yes,
Time to go down the rabbit hole of organic teas and venture into the new world of egcg rich natural grown chinese tea. My friends drink more chinese tea on steepster cause I’m old and people think I have more experience than I do, but I still gong fu most the time and keep it going on in the taste department for quite a while. So definate made my top tea list here thanks to LRCT Jasmine Green.

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I’m a gym fitness buff. My hobbies are rock climbing, marathon, and swimming.
Additionally, I used to go to the University of Rochester, now I’m a student of science trying to get into pharmacy college.

I started drinking tea in College at tea houses and the passion has grown to harbor three tea pots and a shelf full of loose leaf teas.
I’m most familiar with Chinese Green Tea and some of it’s varieties ie.wuyi and oolong. I try to get other people inspired by sampling teas with them, so far I’m the only one in my family to be obsessive about tea. Much of my work requires alertness without jitteriness so I turn to the sweet flavoured nectar we call tea thrice daily.

What’s more, I’m not just a sports buff I’m completely fascinated by sports medicine and sports pharmacology even, I may do a dissertation on Creatinine sometime in the next five years. Until that time I’ll just sip my Earl Grey and wish you happy imbibing. I’m also open to personal messages, so drop me a line and I’ll rep back.


Spokane, Wa

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