Cambridge Tea House in Marble Cliff, Ohio
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The Cambridge Tea House is a nice place. They serve Harney & Sons exclusively and have some exquisite bakes goods. Their “cream tea” is not at all British. (I have yet to find an authentic British style scone in the USA). I am really glad that this place exists here in a remote outpost of football fields and stadia.
Some suggestions in case they read: try to serve the tea before you serve the food. We ended up eating all of our food (we were hungry) before the tea even arrived.
Consider warming the mugs/cups in which you will serve the tea,

Ideally you will bring out the pots of tea first, with warmed tea cups and then bring out the food five minutes later so that the food and tea can be coordinated. Experiment and see if you can make a real British scone—I am sure it’s not that difficult. If your scones were British I’d probably stop by all the time!



I really love big, bold, brash teas. Smokiness enthralls me. I don’t seem to do subtle.
I don’t do rooibos.

My rating system:
Never again in a hundred million years

31-55: This tea probably has some redeeming qualities but I won’t would not seek it out again.

Shows some promise but also has a fundamental flaw. I probably owe these a second taste but am unmotivated.

Good with at least one strong quality; I probably would not buy it but would drink it cheerfully.

81-90: Worthy contenders; they might be ranked 100 on somebody’s else’s scale. I like them a lot but have not fallen in love. Will probably buy and use.

91-95: These are the true loves, the chosen ones, the ones I dream about and crave. Unless they are in a limited edition—la! how you tease me!—I will always keep in my cupboard.

96-100: I cannot be separated from these teas and would develop a panic attack if I were to run out.

“She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”

Elderly dowager. Quintessential cat lady.

Tea which must be in stock always:

Black Dragon LS by Upton Teas: My choice every morning.

Florence & Lapsang Souchong by Harney & Sons

a good Gen Maicha

Samovar: Russian Blend, Maiden’s Ecstasy, Ryokucha

Mariage Frères: Confucious, Vivaldi, Eros, Aida, Marco Polo

American Tea Room: Brioche

Leland Teas: Bogart

Life in Teacup:
An Xi Tie Guan Yin Grade II modern green style & also Charcoal Style


In the midst of the middle of the heart of nowhere in particular.

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