Jinggu material from older wild trees forms the basis for this sheng brick. An average looking brick – some whole tea leaves but heavy on the stems and pieces. Made by a former CNNP “feeder” factory. JingGu White Dragon Tea Industry (formerly known as Yunnan Jinggu Tea Mill) was founded in 1958 and used to be one of the six CNNP manufacturer with code name “5”. At the end of 2003, it was changed to a privately owned enterprise JingGu White Dragon Tea Industry. Jinggu White Dragon Tea is sometimes referred to as Jinggu BaiLong Tea Factory because the Jinggu area is known for one particular tea varietal – Da Bai Hao.
The aroma is sweet and appealing and its taste is thick and mellow. There are definite tones of honey with an aggressive pleasant bitter component. There are also hints of tobacco in the background. In later infusions, overripe fruit and honey are present. The taste seems to permeate the mouth and offers a distinctive lingering aftertaste. The session provided a refreshing and slightly chilling effect and the bitterness is really quite minimal as the sweeter flavors dominate. Overall, this is full in taste and a nicely balanced sheng with a few years of aging. The tea is appealing in its power and tendency to tickle the tongue and linger in the mouth and throat. Good amount of character with a non-threatening bitterness to offer more complexity.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

sounds very nice

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sounds very nice

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I drink mostly puer and sometimes what we as Westerners think of as black tea.

I no longer assign numerical ratings to teas because our enjoyment of tea is very subjective. Reactions to a particular tea vary from person to person and within the same person across different tasting sessions.

My tea notes are simply comments reflecting my impression at that specific point in time. They are helpful to me and if they happen to be useful to someone else that is good.

For me, tea is magical with its ability to transform by bringing one back to center and inspiring both peace and contentment.
Reformed coffee drinker. Switched to tea as part of my goal to work on living a healthier, more balanced life — haven’t looked back since.

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