A quintessential menghai shou very well aged. I must confess I was so eager to try it I didn’t let it rest for too long before sampling it.

To my surprise, rinses had a quite a bit of wo dui funk but it was gone soon in the session. It continuously released a small amount of sediment so a pitcher for decanting is advised, though I consider this a minor issue.

Zero bitterness or astringency. It’s probably one of the smooothest shous I’ve had. It’s dark, very regular through steeps even if there are interesting shifts in notes. Complexity is good but placed within a narrow band of the spectrum. Progressing through the steeps it opens up going from wet forest, wood profile to more on flowers and cherries.

The smoothness is deceiving. It seems and tastes mild and subtle but hours after the session and I still have aromas lingering around. Qi… if there’s any I’d say is calming, I don’t feel caffeine anywhere.

So far, liking it a lot. Pretty much at the gravity center of what a classic menghai shou is with all it’s earth, forest and wood. Will save this one for cosy rainy days.

Flavors: Cherry, Earth, Rainforest, Wet Wood

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