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Well this tea isn’t bad, and certainly undeserving of the reviews it has on here. Like most reviewers, got this as a free sample when ordering something else. I think the problems arise with the steeping parameters, this one doesn’t work English style and it won’t work done grandpa either. Nope, leave your horse and carriage at home. Takes a puerh drinker riding in on a yak to the rescue and show these people how it’s done.

It’s done by gongfu, and yes in an unglazed clay pot. In this case Jian Shui, but any dedicated black tea unglazed clay pot will work. 5 grams (which is a lot of loose leaf) and 100 ml. As in small cup, around what 4 oz tops. Do a RINSE. I’ll say it again: do a Rinse. By Rinse I mean fill the tiny clay pot with boiling water over the tea and then pour it off. Water your tea pets with the rinse. Then fill the pot again and steep 15-20 seconds, pour into your cup.

The results? Delicious. This loose leaf has dried banana bits, they don’t taste like anything. Main profile for me is floral black tea, a rather good roast in fact. Chocolate and root beer whiffs. Slight bitter with short 20 secs 2nd steep but long sweet aftertaste.

This is pretty good actually.

Flavors: banana, Chocolate, Root Beer

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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