Thank you so much Nicole for sharing this tea!

I decided to try a new tea today because I’m happy it’s Friday. This just happened to be what I picked up first out of my samples. I’m the only one in the office at the moment, making it the perfect tea time.

First of all, the dry leaf smells awesome. I think its because of the surprise ReadMyLips in the same package that scented this tea with yummy chocolate!
Brewed in my favorite big Seattle mug using a T-sac, and followed the 1 minute brewing instruction. Was pleasantly surprised to see the tea become the perfect color in that short amount of time. This made me happy after having lately tried some other really weak black teas I bought that brew disappointingly light after even 4 minutes.

Onto the taste, wow! I love it! Now I know that I like Assam tea, having never had pure Assam before that I know of. It’s so silky and satisfying and I can taste a hint of chocolate. I absolutely love that the chocolate infused this tea a little and I’m going to start storing some teas together in their own bags but in the same tin. Does anyone else do that?

I just brewed it again for 2 minutes now and it’s still good. Nice to have some real tea. Thank you again Nicole!

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