drank Fruit Sangria by Adagio Teas
51 tasting notes

So this tea was a rather pleasant surprise. I was not expecting to enjoy it, seeing that it’s fruit tea which I’ve had my share of mixed experiences with. I was especially not expecting to like it hot, but I brewed it both hot and iced, and hot wins!

The tin of it simply smells awesome and it brews to a pretty pale red color. I added honey and would have to say I taste the apple more than anything. I love that there’s lemon grass in it, and the rest of the ingredients just go together smoothly, while not being tarty.

I could see myself enjoying this tea more in cold weather though, just because cold weather makes hot tea better. Theres also something about this tea that makes you think it should be drank in a wine glass for some reason… and sitting by a fire place. This tea is rather lively I must say.

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