drank Lemon Youkou by Teavana
51 tasting notes

Finally picked this up after wanting to try it since my odd crave for lemon tea which doesn’t make sense in the first place because I don’t like lemons in my water..

Anyway, here goes real-time tea tasting..

It definitely smells lemony. And it certainly tastes like one! woa. I am officially drinking a lemon. Surprisingly it doesn’t have a strong tanginess to it… it’s pretty much just hot lemon water.
Dare I add honey? Yes, lets. Ok… now it just tastes funky and tangy. ew. Sorry about that. I don’t know if I should apologize to the tea or the honey..

Later: Blended it iced with a black tea, its still weird but my boyfriend liked it.

End: Best enjoyed by itself brewed light and sipped after something really chocolatey.

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