So, apparently, this is the last of this particular tea. The plot where this tea is from has since been cleared as per gov’t orders to plant native trees.

I found my tasting notes from about a year ago.
I’ve brewed this tea many different ways, though my favourite is to probably use a far greater leaf to water ratio than i normally would, along with a far longer steep time than normal. For example, at one point I think I used about 12g tea in my 120ml gaiwan and steeped for a minute or two. Flavour overload
The tea stands up to it well.

Anyway, some general notes:
very floral
buttery lettuce
more buttery than vegetal
very creamy sweet and round on palate
high toned floral on palate as well
creamed corn
a lot of mid-palate umami
almost meaty when steeped longer
more nutmeg spice comes out in later steepings

Powerful yet still delicate

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I like tea; I’d like to drink more of it. I also like wine; I probably drink too much of that.

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