I got this in a the Verdant Tea’s monthly subscription in 2016. I’m not a huge fan of green tea, but I’ve never had Dragonwell, so I’m excited! I’m using the full 5 gram sample.

The dry leaves smell amazing—fresh and not too green.

The “instructions,” if you will, say to steep this in a tempered glass, adding water to the tea over the course of the day as yo u drink it. This is the type of setup I’m going for, because I know how much Mrs. Li cares for her Dragonwell and drinking it properly!

The first “steep” smells so good! It has such a strong, toasted nut smell! My water temperature was right at 185 degrees Farenheit, so I have to wait for it to cool to start drinking (even though the insert says to start drinking immediately).

I love steeping my tea in glass teapots so I can see it brew and the water color deepen—so this tall-glass approach is pretty neat.

The insert says to sip without a strainer—so… use your teeth to strain it, or “blow” the leaves away. Sigh. I’m using a spoon like you would to keep the foam in your frothed milk from going in your espresso. #NoSkillz

By the way, this tea is absolutely gorgeous!

First taste impressions: a little astringent, medium roast flavor, slightly bitter (I’ll turn the kettle down 10 degrees)… not too bad. I love the tingly mouthfeel. I’ll sip this down to 1/3 of the water left and add some more…

Second taste impressions: The bitterness and astringency disappeared with the second bit of water, leaving the tea smooth, refreshing, and light. So much love!

Third taste impressions: It continues to be smooth and still has that roasted nut flavor, which is amazing! I love the fact that I can just keep drinking it throughout the day. No hassle, super delicious.

Flavors: Roasted Nuts

185 °F / 85 °C 8 min or more 5 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I discovered my love of tea in college, in Oregon, where nearly constant rain and clouds and fog demand some sort of warm, cuddly beverage.

Since moving back to Idaho, where seasons actually exist, my adoration for tea has bordered on obsession. I like a variety of teas depending on my mood and the alignment of the planets. I’m pretty sure my love of tea saved my life after coming home from the deep freezer with hypothermia day after day. ;)

I am recently married, and my next project is convincing my husband that instant Lipton iced tea does not count as tea. sigh

Here’s my rating system:
0-19 – I did not like this tea. I will not touch it again with a ten-foot-pole. I may have family and friends try it in hopes of pawning it off on them; otherwise it’s in the trash. That bad.
20-40 – I do not like this tea. I might be able to tolerate it with large amounts of sugar and/or almondmilk and/or another tea. I will be giving it away to the first family/friend who likes it because I’m too lazy to enjoy this.
41-60 – This tea is okay. If I am careful how I prepare it (temperature, amounts) and add things to it (sugar, almondmilk), I can enjoy it.
61-70 – This tea was fairly enjoyable, but I have to be in the mood for it, and I have to at least sweeten it.
71-80 – I like this tea. I might even drink it without additives. It may still be mood-driven, but it’s pretty good. I would recommend it to visitors coming over for a cuppa.
81-90 – I really like this tea. I can drink it regardless of cravings. I will rarely if ever add anything to it. I try to peddle it to my visitors as examples of great tea.
91-100 – I love this tea. It is wonderful. Every cup is heaven. I will not share this. I will tell people to go get their own crack. This stash is mine.


North Idaho

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