3 Tasting Notes

drank Jasmine Tea by ABC Tea
3 tasting notes

This tea doesn’t really taste of anything too strongly. It’s a pretty weak green tea, but I like it well enough. I bought 5 pounds of it for around 15 cents per ounce, so I have quite a bit to go. It’s definitely cannon fodder tea, I could drop almost all of it on the floor and not be too disappointed about the loss. It is also hard to brew wrong, keep the time under 3 minutes, and you’ll get consistently not bad tasting tea. I usually drink this each morning before work, its easy to brew, and I’m not worried about running out for the foreseeable future. This tea is absolutely nothing special, if someone wants you to spend more than 50 cents per ounce tell them you’re not interested.
Edit: Also it has a lot of twigs in it, or at least a ton more than I’m used to.

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Pretty good for a flavored tea, held up to a 1 or 2 resteepings well enough, and was pretty cheap, 4 ounces for 4 dollars. I’ll probably buy it again later down the road, partially for the tea, and partially to support local. I’m sure there are better peach tea’s out there, flavored with real peaches and such, but for the price, convenience, and my desire to support a local tea company, I’d be happy to purchase again.

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I actually just ran out of this tea, after getting it for Christmas along with a 1 oz. bag of Green Tropical. Like Suziqzer I was too late to find it from the store online, which is too bad because this is a tea I really enjoyed. I’ve never had a chocolate tea before, so I’m not completely sure how it should taste, but this tea seemed just right, with the perfect amount of peppermint. Right out of the bag I was immediately impressed by its fragrant smell. The tea took on a slightly different tone after the first brewing, but it was one I still completely enjoyed. A great peppermint tea, and if you add sugar, a great candy cane tea. If you’re a fan of strong black tea’s like an Assam, this might not be for you, unless you also enjoy blends. In my opinion the tea taste is there but it’s certainly not strong, or at the forefront; it’s melded into a great blend of the peppermint and other flavors. It’s called Candy Cane tea, but I could certainly enjoy this all year, I can’t imagine what it would taste like iced in the summer!
I played around with a few different brewing times, 3 minutes seemed to work pretty well for the first and second steepings, and I usually had the water a bit under 100 Celsius.

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I wish they would hold on to their seasonal blends a bit longer… Don’t they know most of the country is still covered in snow and needing teas like this one ?!?!?

I guess when they stock this one next year we will have to stock up! Let’s try and remind each other, and if they have a sale, let each other know??

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