41 Tasting Notes

drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

Smells more like strawberry than mango to me. Unfortunately it tastes very mango-y. I don’t like mango but this was part of my sampler pack. It’s not the tea’s fault, I just don’t like mango.

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drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

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Loving the smell of this! To be honest, the dry mix reminds me of a pack of craisins, and I have strong urges to just eat it dry…
Lots of bits of this one came through my tea ball.
This tastes a lot more tart then I was expecting! It smells sweet but it tastes tart! I don’t mind it too much, but I think next time I’ll add a sweetner..

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

This is my first oolong, and another part of my dessert sampler from David’s

It really expanded in my tea ball! I’ll have to use less next time, perhaps, since there was no room for the leaves to move around at all after a minute or two..

The smell is divine, rich and sweet, but not artificially so. More of a morning sweetness then a dessert one, if you ask me.
After a few sips, i’m unsure of the actual tea flavour, but the vanilla aftertaste is just as divine as the smell! I don’t really taste the vanilla until after I swallow, but then it’s all I can taste! The tea taste in my mouth isn’t that bad either. I’m starting to get the hang of this tea business I think! Oolong seems nice, not too strong, not to overtly “tea-y”. =)

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I’m pretty wary of stimulants and caffeine in general, but I’m still giving this a try. Hopefully it doesn’t make me too crazy..

Flavour wise, it doesn’t taste as fruity as it smells. It almost smells sickly sweet, but the taste is a nice nutty sweetness.

I like this one a lot, although like I said, I probably won’t have it too often due to the stimulant effect..

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drank Red Velvet Cake by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

This was unfortunately not as good as I was hoping… I’m really hoping it’ll be better the next time around.

It smells delicious, a lot like the birthday cake rooibos I had the other day. Unfortunately, the actual taste of it is pretty bland.. Just tastes like tea.. Which I’m still not a fan of yet..

Luckily, the aftertaste is great! A few seconds after I sip, it tastes like I just had a bite of cake in my mouth, which is super awesome!

I just added a bit of milk to it, since I enjoyed the birthday cake with milk. It made it creamier tasting for sure, but overall didn’t change the taste as I was hoping.

This is unfortunately one of my least favourites so far…

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

Another tea from my David’s Sweet Indulgences sampler!

This one smelled better in the tin then it did when I was brewing it. It still smelled very strongly of strawberry. It was a very sweet tea! The only complaint I have about it is after the first couple sips it started to taste very artificial, it tasted more like a candy “Strawberry” flavour then actual strawberries. I also didn’t taste too much chocolate in this cup either.

My boyfriend really liked it though, and he’s not the biggest fan of fruity teas!

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

Working my way through the dessert sampler at David’s Teas..

This tea doesn’t smell quite as overtly SWEET as it’s brewing, compared to some of the other’s I’ve had in the last couple days. I do enjoy the smell though, it smells rich, and slightly spicy. It’s not as strong of a smell as the blueberry jam I had yesterday. I do like the red swirls that come out as I bop my tea ball around, due to the red candies in the mix.

On first sip… Once again, my first impression is the actual flavor of the tea leaves.. which is what I’m still trying to make myself like. But there’s a whole lot of other things going on too. By the end of the second sip I have a very clear minty aftertaste! That’s fun! I’m not getting a whole lot of chocolate out of this, which is surprising given the amount of little chocolate chippies i saw in the blend.

Overall, I like this. It’s not particularly strong, and it has a very complex flavor with a minty aftertaste. =) Another successful tea for me! This whole “make myself like tea” thing is going WAY better then expected.

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drank Blueberry Jam Organic by DAVIDsTEA
41 tasting notes

I’m just getting into teas, and I’ve only tried a couple so far. Generally, I’ve found I like sweeter, “dessert” teas, and so far the only ones i’ve LOVED have been rooibos types.

This blend is the first black tea I’ve tried. This tastes… actually alright for tea. I’m pretty sure it’s the tea plant itself I don’t like, since I’ve only loved the rooibos. I like this better than some of the green teas I have tried. I made it straight, no milk or sweeteners.

When I first sip it, it’s pure tea flavor, which I don’t really like, but luckily it’s not too strong. Then the blueberry takes over and leaves a really nice sweet aftertaste which reminds me of a delicious blueberry pie.

So overall, I like it. I would drink it again. And, I feel like this type of blend is exactly what I need to start liking the actual tea plant taste!

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Just getting into Teas! Hoping to use this site as a way to keep track of all the ones I try, and whether I like them or not!


Ottawa, Ontario

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