Growing up I had no interest in tea or coffee and was a picky eater. Years later during a trip to Japan my father let me try his caramel latte and I haven’t stopped drinking coffee with milk since. During a later trip I tried royal milk tea and my love for it was just as strong as my love for a good latte.

Note about Earl Grey I love bergamot and citrus flavors in my tea so if it isn’t strong enough it will always rate below 80.

95-100 Perfect –
I want this all the time
80-90 Very good -
Needs a little something to be perfect
70-75 Good –
But doesn’t stand out
55-65 Decent -
Not something I would buy on purpose
30-50 Unpleasant -
But I can stand drinking it
00-25 Disgusting -
I regret ever tasting this tea

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