Assam is one of those teas where I would really like to be able to find The Perfect Assam. Unlike Ceylon, which is just… Ceylon. Some are great, most are merely meh, but I don’t really feel the need to explore the area further. Assam though… There’s something about it that makes me want to like it more than I really do. And I think that’s because I haven’t found the best that Assam can be yet.

It was quite lucky that I happened to get an Assam this morning from the sample box, because I’m just exactly in an Assam-y mood!

I’m not getting much aroma from this cup. It’s malty and reminds me somewhat of raisins, although that smell might be coming from my fingers as I have been eating some raisins this morning.

There’s an astringent bite to this and it’s rather hard for me to really pick up anything else. This is not the perfect Assam either. I’m not sure what’s really wrong with it, but I can’t pick the flavour apart and this is just not it. I’m sure it’s a good tea. But it’s not IT.

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