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This is… I bought it based on a post that Anna made. She greatly enjoys this blend and I (used to) greatly enjoy this company. (Current relationship is somewhat fraught) In the meantime, however, it has been discovered that Anna and I are not Taste Twins. In many ways, in fact, we’re pretty much Taste Opposites, so now I’m a little concerned about it which is why the tin has been gathering dust in the Yet To Try Box.

I have to say I don’t rightly know what mulberry taste like exactly. I’ve had some before, but not so many that I’m at all familiar with the flavour. This blend though is not just a mulberry flavoured white tea. It’s a white tea with supposedly mulberry. And a bunch of other fruits and flowers. The description merely mentions white tea, mulberry and papaya, but I have some rather large pieces of apple in my tin as well and there is at least two kinds of flowers in it.

It smells quite fruity and creamy-thick. It has a sort of tropical twinge to it, which must be due to the papaya, but that might just be that I don’t know what mulberry smells like and I am aware that it has papaya in it. I’ve had some of these white blends from ACP before and I’m pretty certain that it’s the same Bai Mu Dan base for this one as it was for the others. I’m getting that same nutty, courgette-y note from it. I used to greatly enjoy BMDs years ago, but these days I find them all together too courgette-y. This is a smaller problem when flavoured, though.

The flavour also strikes me as somewhat tropical, and the comments above with regard to the base still stands. Again, though, I’m handicapped by having the faintest clue what mulberry tastes like and whether it tastes anything at all like this.

It’s quite nice, but not something that I’m likely to fall head over heels for. It reminds me strongly of the two other white blends from ACP I’ve had, White Temple Blend and especially White Dream Tea. The latter had banana and melon while the former had papaya and… some other stuff, so you’d think it would remind me more of the former. It doesn’t though. Interestingly enough, I also rated White Temple a full 20 points higher than White Dream, but if ever I were to buy either of them again, it would more likely than not by the Dream.

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