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When I think about my life, zen and tea were a very important part of my life’s. It seems my life and tea has one destiny.
I worked in a conglomerate in Seoul but couldn’t find any meaning with my job regardless of good pay. I looked for somet meaningful work and needed to make a change. I started work in a Buddhist organization. Most Korean buddhist temples are located below the mountain, so I had a chance to stay at temples and enjoy the mountains. Usually buddhist monks enjoy green tea to purify their body and soul and to better concentrate on meditation. Generally Korean monks make several pots of green tea and chat with lay buddhists with a cup of tea. It was always a peaceful and pleasant time chatting with the monksandvisitors over a pot of tea. The tea-making ritual which conducted by a monk and was always amazing. The sound of the tea water pouring from the teapot, the smell of fresh vegetal green tea, the sight of the subtle green colorof the tea in the natural white teapot, and the taste of this refreshing green tea…… All these components harmonizing in the meditation room of a traditional temple.
We try to mimics the peacefulness of the temple with really great teas brewed in the proper method and with the proper teapots.
We selected 80 of the best quality teas from among thousands that were sampled. Our selection includes black teas (Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Keemun), green teas(Longjing, Sencha, Matcha, Jasmine tea, and Dragon Pearls), white tea(Silver Needle), Oolong(Tieguanyin), Rooibos, Herb, Fruit tea, and flavored teas.


Vancouver, BC, Canada


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