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David’s Tea Advent Day 3.

This is an excellent dessert tea. The chocolate hits first, the nuts a bit after and more subtly. As a chocolate fan I could absolutely keep this on hand. I’m even wondering if it might be good with milk, which I’ve never tried in a black tea…

Flavors: Chocolate, Nutty

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drank Peach Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
96 tasting notes

David’s Matcha Advent Day 4.

Foam isn’t getting any better, but a friend suggested I work on faster whisking, so we’ll see how that goes moving forward.

Real or fake, peach is my favorite fruit flavor and I was quite excited to see this pouch (if a bit nervous after the fake berries). I liked it both with and without milk, though the milk was preferred. The peach was lovely if a little sweeter than I would choose. I could buy more of this.

Flavors: Peach, Sweet

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David’s Tea Matcha Advent Day 3.

I struggled with this one a lot. Still can’t make a foam! The first taste made me think “fake blueberries and grass”. Unfortunately I don’t much like a blueberry, and the artificial taste was even more off-putting.

I tried adding milk. Now it was fake blueberry and milk; grass disappeared. I’ll drink most things iced, so I poured it over ice; nope.

This one got dumped.

Flavors: Artificial, Blueberry, Grass

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drank Let It Snow by DAVIDsTEA
96 tasting notes

David’s Tea Advent Day 1. I knew with three advents I was going to get behind quickly!

I genuinely didn’t know this was a green tea until I read the profile. I think there’s just too much going on here in addition to the tea. With one perfect spoon in 8 oz, it makes a rather weak brew that still somehow manages to be extremely sweet. I definitely get the white chocolate/custard vibe up front, with just the barest hint of spice that I can’t quite discern. This was fun to taste and I wouldn’t turn down a cup, but it’s not for me.

Flavors: Custard, White Chocolate

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When I pulled this out of the sipsby advent calendar I was so pleased, because after all, this is my favorite holiday tea – I thought. Turns out my favorite is actually called Herbal Seasons and is slightly different. Ah well.

This one really brings the cinnamon, making the rooibos more of a background flavor. But I mean it REALLY brings cinnamon (though clove is not far behind). It almost felt like a bag of mulling spices mixed in with some tea. Feels very festive to me. Could easily be overwhelming for others.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
96 tasting notes

David’s Matcha Advent Day 2.

I’m still learning to froth the matcha. Last time too much water. This time it was getting closer to froth, a little around the edges?

The two words I’d associate with it while drinking were fresh and smooth, but the aftertaste was much more bitter. I felt compelled almost immediately to add milk and found I liked it much better, almost as if it balanced out better (and I don’t normally drink any milk in tea).

Flavors: Bitter, Grass

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A lovely hot tea for winter. Made the room smell nice but was subtle with the spice. The cinnamon is most prominent and lingers a while after your sip (maybe my favorite part, as I love cinnamon). I drank three cups and finished the packet easily, if a little sadly – I’d buy this again.

This was my Sipsby advent day 1, but since I placed them all randomly throughout the calendar who knows what others will have!

Flavors: Cinnamon, Spices

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David’s Tea Matcha Advent Calendar – Day 1
(I bought this one and was gifted two other tea advent calendars, so there will be a lot of tea!)

I’m learning to make matcha and don’t generally care for pumpkin spice flavored things except pumpkin pie, so take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t think this tea is for me. It had an overpowering sweetness that didn’t remind me of pumpkin pie at all, but more like the artificial pumpkin spices that aren’t my thing. Every so often I’d detect some freshness behind it, but the cloying sweetness kept masking it. I think I also used too much water; not sure if that would have made the balance worse than it was meant to be?

Flavors: Sweet

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drank Seaberry Spa by DAVIDsTEA
96 tasting notes

A light tea with strong fruity scent and flavor, this was a pleasant afternoon pick-me-up but not memorable enough for a purchase of more in bulk. It was decent hot, but I can see this better as an iced summer tea and perhaps wasn’t the best choice for my fall afternoon. I’ll revisit the rating if I get to taste it again cold!

Flavors: Fruity, Tart

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I’m starting to think I might not be a fan of rooibos, so take this with a grain of salt, but I didn’t much care for the earthy taste of something I thought would be light and fruity. Thankfully my partner finished it for me because I probably would have just let it go bad.

Cameron B.

You certainly wouldn’t be alone, there are a lot of people who don’t like red rooibos. It tends to have a rather woody flavor, and sometimes depending on the quality can also come off as medicinal.

Don’t let it deter you from trying green rooibos though, which is much milder and more universally liked.


Thanks for letting me know about this distinction! I’ll have to make sure to check out green rooibos. I’m finding as I drink some of my other teas I can handle red rooibos in some blends, but this one was overpowering.

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Early 30s mom of 2 (ages 7 & 1) and lecturer in California.
Great at buying tea, good at drinking tea, bad at timely reviews. Drawn to fruit, floral, spice, and flavored teas in general; prefer those that stand well without milk or sweetener.

Still figuring this out, but slowly adding to cupboard. I rate when a package is finished as I’m deciding whether to reorder.

I think of my ratings as letter grades.
90-100 A: loved it; want to rebuy immediately so I have it on hand
80-89 B: tasty; would pick it up again but okay to wait until I get through other teas
70-79 C: good; could grab with a good deal
60-69 D: okay; would keep in a set but may not repurchase on its own
0-59 F: various shades of bad; would not purchase; closer to 0 means may not even drink again if offered

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