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I chose a cold brew for this since the packet said “best iced” and “made for iced tea”. I’m not sure I would pick a spiced tea for iced tea on my own, but it worked well enough!

The spice comes through, more than any kind of berry. I wouldn’t consider this fruity at all; maybe a touch on first sip before it settles into spiced black tea?

I’ll give it “refreshing”. Overall, a pleasant tea.

Flavors: Cinnamon


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I’m not a coffee drinker but sometimes need caffeine; I’ve enjoyed other Zest flavors for that pick-me-up. This one showed up in a Sipsby box.

It’s a pleasant green tea, lightly fruity, but unremarkable hot. As a hot cup I wouldn’t necessarily choose it except for that caffeine boost. Reading another tasting note, I think I would be interested in trying it again iced.

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drank Cherry vanilla by Tea Head
34 tasting notes

I started this tea hot, looking for something soothing and fruity in the winter. When hot, the sour cherry stands out, but I thought it wasn’t quite right and perhaps would be better iced.

Unfortunately, when I tried it iced, the vanilla was far more obvious and unpleasant. It didn’t overshadow the sour cherry entirely, but it felt …not quite right, and perhaps it would be better hot.

Overall, not a wow from me either way.

Flavors: Cherry, Tart, Vanilla

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This was a pleasant iced tea, and even more enjoyable with a bit of lemonade.

I didn’t find the tea as a whole particularly strong, and the blueberry itself was subtle – perfect for someone who doesn’t always like blueberry. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this. I have a few iced tea fans in the family I can see serving this tea.

Flavors: Blueberry


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As someone who loves a fruity sweet tea (and let’s be honest, a gimmick), I was excited for this tea and grabbed a couple packets on sale.

Reminder to self – buy a little first, and buy more if it’s good.

I wouldn’t say “strawberry” for this at all. Tropical for sure, artificially sweet. Was that the gummi bears or the fact that the first ingredient is candied pineapple?

Normally I can get my partner to drink any iced tea I can’t manage, but we tossed this.

Flavors: Artificial, Sweet, Tropical

Tiffany :)

the cup or all the packets? I’d swap for it! :)


Thanks for the offer! We got rid of what was left (one opened 2oz package) but I’ll keep swaps in mind for next time!

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This tea was a wild ride.

It smells exactly like shortbread. Hot, it tastes just like a buttered popcorn jelly belly. As it starts to cool, the tart element overrides the sweet.

I kept drinking it not because I liked it but because it was so odd. I wouldn’t repurchase, but it was an interesting experience!

(From David’sTea Advent Calendar, Day 8)

Flavors: Popcorn, Sugar, Tart

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DavidsTea Advent Day 7. I’m going to be lucky to finish all three tea advents by the end of January.

The coffee is strong in this one, with a sweetness I generally don’t prefer but feel like works well for the tea. I’m not a big fan of vanilla and this artificial version doesn’t much help. I could brew it and just smell it all day, if nothing else.

Flavors: Coffee, Sweet

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Davids Tea Matcha Advent Day 12.

This was pleasant but nothing memorable. Mostly a light matcha with ginger at the end, especially after adding milk (the ginger seemed stronger before). I was excited for some real spices of gingerbread but didn’t feel like they came through.

Flavors: Ginger

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Sounded lovely for a cold brew, which apparently diminishes the “magik” color powers of the tea, as it was a bright and bold green instead (and the lemonade added only diluted the color). Pleasant citrus flavor but too mild to be memorable for much outside the color.

Flavors: Citrus

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Davids Tea Advent Day 6

I’m not sure what’s going on with this tea. It brewed so weak at first I added more. It smells like an overly sweet baked gingerbread, but the taste is more of a tart fruit covered in sugar with a hit of spicy ginger at the end. The gingerbread sprinkles were adorable, at least?

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet

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Lecturer and mom of 2 in California. Great at buying tea, good at drinking tea, bad at timely reviews.

I think of my ratings as letter grades.
90-100 A: loved it; want to rebuy immediately so I have it on hand
80-89 B: tasty; would pick it up again but okay to wait until I get through other teas
70-79 C: good; would grab with a good deal
60-69 D: okay; might repurchase in the right circumstances
0-59 F: various shades of bad; would not purchase; closer to 0 means may not even drink again if offered

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