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WOW! This tea is the essence of a chilly autumn morning, waking up to mommas fresh apple cobbler and the dazzle of the sunrise over your oak-frame bed. Crisp, smooth, and refreshing, we’ve blended cinnamon pieces with a highly oxidized Indonesian o’olong with unbelievably strong all-natural notes of Washington red apples! This is a tea you just have to indulge in to believe!

I’ve been drinking this nonstop for like a week, and I can’t wrap my head around how perfect it is. :)

Infuses 5+ times!

The Perfect Cup
Infuse 1 tsp of tea leaves in 8 oz of boiling water for 2 minutes

Infusion #2: 2 minutes
Infusion #3: 3 minutes
Infusion #4: 4 minutes
Infusion #5: 5 minutes

Ingredients: O’olong tea, cinnamon


Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

This sounds really delicious. All of the oolongs do, actually. And they are quite affordable, too :)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

They are all delicious! And yes, I try to keep to prices as low as possible. You should get them all! Bahaha :)

Tea and Trees

I think I’ll try this one next time I order tea!

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Usually when I feel a cold coming on, I can attack it with raw foods and this tea…last night I wasn’t so lucky. I started getting a runny rose at around 10pm so I threw together a cup of this…I usually steep it for 8-10 minutes when I just want to enjoy it but when I’m all-out attack-mode on a cold, I make this BOLD.

I steeped 2 tablespoons in 8 oz of water for 25 minutes – perfectly suitable for a Bacteria Holocaust. The post-infusion color was puerh-purple and the taste was intense enough to make me feel like a total BA just by drinking it. Well…turns out I was too late and the cold had launched a full-fledged attack on me at that point.

Decided to take a hot shower with a netipot while steeping another cup. I coughed in the middle of draining my sinuses, causing me to choke and because both of my nostrils were blocked off – whatever fluid was in my nose/sinus area went straight to my inner ear. My ears felt like a bass drum went off inside them, I dropped the netipot, completely lost my equilibrium and fell over. After that I got up and finished the shower, feeling okay. Drank my second cup of Clari Tea as well as a chamomile honey and ginger tea I threw together and went to sleep. It was 1am at this point. Well…I fell asleep really fast, but work up at around 3:30 with the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my ears. They were ringing and I had no hearing. Got up to get a drink of water and couldn’t walk. I’m quite certain I blew my eardrums.

So I’ve been up since 3:30 with 2.5 hours of sleep listening to ringing in my right ear and silence in my left with searing pain in both. I still can’t walk very well.

Hopefully I get to see a doctor today. :/

Boiling 8 min or more

Oh no! Ear problems are the worst, take it from someone who has had a bunch of them. (and you could attest to that as well right now I’m sure.) They may drain your ear, which can hurt while they are doing it but especially with a cold will feel great when they are done. Like; I can hear everything! Super ears! I hope you feel better soon and really do go to the doctor, or you will walk around tilting crazily all day from lack of inner ear balance.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I’ve been researching it…and this is apparently a very common problem with netipot use :( …i managed to clear my left ear using nasonex spray and gently pushing on the outer ear with my palm…but my right ear is posing a more difficult problem…it’s getting there though! I’m probably still going to see a doc though

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Wow…I just blew my nose and my ear goes: “tttssssssssshhhhhhh” …like a school bus stopping. haha


lol yeah that happens when your ears are messed up. Its like releasing pressure from an air lock. xD. I’ve never had that happen when I use a netipot, but I’ll make sure to be extra careful it doesn’t. lol.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I’m doing much better now, but still not how I should be! Lots of ginger, chamomile, and green tea today…still ringing in my right ear though :/

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