Today’s tea was picked because I’ve been longing for a new taste test for a while. I’ve been putting it off the last few days, something always coming up, whether it’s plans that were priorly made, plans that dropped into my lap suddenly, or plans that showed up at my front door. So it was nice to curl up with Billy and some anime tonight, while trying a new tea. This one I picked because I wanted more of a flower display today than something else generic and ball shaped.

And this one didn’t disappoint. It floated as a thin green disc at the top for a very long time at the top. Then slowly it sprouted outward and downward in long green leaves. I wasn’t sure it would have much of a flower at this point. It hovered at the top doing this for about ten or fifteen minutes, before sinking at the angle this picture was taken at. It’s a beautiful little white flower in the center isn’t it?

When I pulled off the lid after steeping I was hit immediately with a very rich, earthy, nutty scent as the description says. This one though on it’s first pot should not be steeped as long as all the other teas have needed. After a good twenty minutes the first cup was startling in it’s intensity. It’s a very clean and clear taste though, which makes it soothing and good for a calm night at home. The second pot on this one was utterly amazing though even given time to steep. It was a soft, clean, clear green tea flavor that rolled earthy around your mouth and let very little of an after taste.

I let the last pot steep a long time while I drove Billy home and came back myself. I’m pleased to say this tea is also amazingly good had cold. It’s even softer steeping in the third pot. Taking a sip cold, it rolls neutrally almost blankly around your mouth when taking a sip. But as you swallow a delightful, almost sweet, green tea flavor slips in strongly. It only gets more intense with the next sip. But as the third steep it never becomes over powering or aggressive.

I’m very definitely a fan of this one.

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Taste: 4

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Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I’m free
Show me that I’m everywhere
And get me home for tea

— The Beatles, “All Too Much”


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