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Astringent, Bergamot, Biting, Citrus, Floral, Paper, Artificial, Earl Grey, Citrus Zest, Bitter
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  • “This is listed under Tazo and Tazo Tea. I just grabbed one. A coworker went to a fancy smancy dinner party held by the company his wife works for, and Tazo is the tea they served. He grabbed some...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m not minding teabags at the moment so I may as well take advantage and clear some of the sample bags I have. My kitten is semi interested in this tea, he likes the smell of it which is unusual...” Read full tasting note
  • “Hallelujah! I’m at the end of my bags of this! It wasn’t awful and at times was actually pretty enjoyable, but the bergamot was, in general, too heavy and perfumy for me. For a month I’ve been...” Read full tasting note
  • “Went to Boston Pizza with my mom after getting back into the city, and since they were out of chocolate milk I opted for some of this instead. Initially when asking what teas they had, she...” Read full tasting note

From Tazo

“Black tea kissed with bergamot’s lavender essence.”

Hand blended in small batches, Tazo Tea delivers a steaming brew unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Tazo’s Earl Grey features a a blend of fine black teas from India and Sri Lanka flavored with the essence of bergamot. Naturally sourced.

Ingredients: black teas blended with the essence of bergamot oil

Steeping Guide: 212 F, 8 oz, 5 min.

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120 Tasting Notes

1719 tasting notes

This is listed under Tazo and Tazo Tea. I just grabbed one.

A coworker went to a fancy smancy dinner party held by the company his wife works for, and Tazo is the tea they served. He grabbed some for me – I have a bit of a tea reputation at work :) I have tried this Earl Grey a half dozen times in the past, always to poor results. Apparently, our local Starbucks and The Wal-Mart (according to Larry the cable guy you must add the “The” to Wal-Mart)… look a squirrel… anyway our local stores don’t sell enough for it to be fresh as I have never, ever, and I mean never, smelled or tasted bergamot in this stuff. So, I open the envelope. It smells a bit peppery and of lavenderish bergamot. Hey, so far so good. I steep three minutes and added my sweetener (why put it off, I know I am going to do it eventually). Wait for it to cool. Waiting, Waiting. Take a sip and… flowery, lavender tasting bergamot! Hallelujah! Except, wait a minute… have I just crossed the line into tea snobbery? This tastes kind of like the paper bag. I mean it isn’t horrible, and its Earl Grey – with freakin’ bergamot flavor, but the tea base is paper flavored. It’s muffled like someone talking with their hand over their mouth. As the cup cools the bergamot pops even more but the base just never develops. This is the best cup of Tazo I have ever had, but sadly (or happily), I know this is just ok tea. I did like the bergamot. Glad I could finally taste it. Next.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
Hesper June

I hear ya’
I have never ever noticed paper bags when drinking tea my entire life.
Now, I totally taste them and it bugs the heck out of me!
Its so distracting from the taste of the tea.
I am made fun of enough for drinking tea and now this?
Begrudgingly we trod to snobbery, My friend.


If my Saturday morning restuarant tea bag starts tasting like paper I am going to be so sad.


I can’t get tea at Barnes and Noble because all I taste is the paper cup. And burned leaves,when I order white tea.


Got my first Hot Cinnamon Spice at B&N. They just about burnt my lips off, and yes I tasted paper cup. I never get hot tea in Starbucks for the same reason.


I’m picky about travel mugs for the same reason. Most of the time I don’t get anything but plastic lid. (Tervis Tumblers are my implement of choice.)

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1379 tasting notes

I’m not minding teabags at the moment so I may as well take advantage and clear some of the sample bags I have. My kitten is semi interested in this tea, he likes the smell of it which is unusual considering it’s citrus and that is supposed to repel cats. There is something he likes about it though, maybe he is just curious?

Sampling this without milk or sugar.

The black tea is rich, dark and smoky with an element of malt. The bergamot is actually very subtle in comparison and is not noticeable at first. It’s just before the after taste that the sour and sweetness of the bergamot kicks in but as soon as you taste it it’s gone again. Much too mild an Earl Grey for my liking, also it’s rather unbalanced.

Sampling with one sugar and no milk.

The sugar has worked wonders and the black tea is less thick and full on. You also get a sense that the bergamot is present at the start now due to the extra sweetness that the sugar has given it. Still all in all it’s pretty mild.

To sum it up:
Would I drink this again? Yes
Would I buy this? No
Why? I personally prefer stronger Earl Grey in terms of bergamot and citrus

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Citrus is supposed to repel cats? Didn’t know that… interesting!


A while ago one of my neighbours used to buy cat repellent for his garden and being not a very nice man he threatened my cats and said that if he caught them I would be sorry. I decided to keep them indoors needless to say but I felt I should read up on the cat repellent. It says the main ingredient is citrus oil because cats hate the smell. I didn’t know before then either. Same thing with deterrent furniture spray, contains citrus to stop cats clawing. Mine don’t mind citrus though lol.


Yeah a lot of people but orange rinds in the garden to keep cats away. Supposedly. I don’t think they’d stand in the way of either of my outside cats & a dirt bath … ;)

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2036 tasting notes

Hallelujah! I’m at the end of my bags of this! It wasn’t awful and at times was actually pretty enjoyable, but the bergamot was, in general, too heavy and perfumy for me. For a month I’ve been looking forward to better Earl Grey without the guilt of having unused bags lying around, and now I can sally forth guilt free. Hmmm. What should I start with? A&D? The Upton sampler? Samples from American Tea Room or Harney & Sons? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: so many teas, so little time!


I love having options without feeling guilt-tea! ::badoom-ching!::


Congrats to finishing up tea! Start with A&D!


I have one more serving of the Numi Earl Grey for tomorrow and then I’m bagged Earl Grey free! I am going to step up the bagged purge. There is just no comparison between most of them and the loose stuff!


I liked the Numi Earl Grey quite well, of the bagged varieties, I think it’s one of the best, if for no other reason than their use of Assam rather than a typical Ceylon.


Yes, I prefer it to the Tazo by a lot, but the Samovar spoiled me. :-)


I don’t remember if I ordered the Earl Grey from Samovar… now I must go check my samples…. nope… doesn’t look like I did. Other good Earl Grey teas include Lupicia (make sure you get the Keemun one) and Steven Smith Teamaker. And, if you like your Earl Grey to be a smooth operator, I … kind of like my Earl Grey Creme too. LOL

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

I second Stephanie on the A&D. I’d also be interested in reading some more American Tea Room tealogs.

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15915 tasting notes

Went to Boston Pizza with my mom after getting back into the city, and since they were out of chocolate milk I opted for some of this instead. Initially when asking what teas they had, she responded with “Green and Black”, but after a little prompting she was able to list this specifically.

Apparently I’ve had this before, and relatively enjoyed it – however today I was very disappointed in it: the water it was served with was definitely not boiling, however so that could be why.

Anyway I found it to be rather astringent and unpleasant despite a short steep time (2 minutes) in a large quantity (like 12 oz.) of water. I never ended up finishing the first glass I poured.

Lowering my rating.


I am always so disappointed at tea served in restaurants. The water is never hot enough, which in turn doesn’t let you get a good steep out of it, or you can only get one good cup and then the rest is watery liquid whose flavours resemble that of tea. I have a love hate with this EG. Some days I like it, some days not so much. It has too much lavender in it I think.

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1220 tasting notes

On Sunday, I went to a hotel for breakfast to meet my great aunt, who I’ve actually never met before. Her husband’s son was getting married here and a week before they found out we lived here, so they invited us to come eat breakfast. It was pretty neat! She reminded me a lot of me, as I do a pretty crappy job of staying in contact with people…you wouldn’t believe how much grief I’ve been given for this being only the second time I’m visiting this year.

So because this is one of those very Starbucks integrated hotels, Tazo was the tea. It was a pain because the cups were so tiny so judging how long to even steep this was impossible and it got grossly bitter with the bergamot. I tried to salvage it with some honey, but it did not help entirely.

And someone else there just left their tea bag in the cup while they drank it? blech.

This was the only black tea option, pretty much the ONLY thing there with caffeine too…who wants a tisane or decaf green in the morning? No thanks.

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15131 tasting notes

Backlog from last night – sample sipdown from kittylovestea I had a couple bagged teas to try last night. early grey and i? we don’t get along because of that bergamot stuff :P While it wasn’t anything delicious, there was a small part of me that can see how this might be pretty tasty as a latte. still though? not a winner simply because it’s not my kinda tea :) nice to cross it off my list though!

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639 tasting notes

The steep time is more or less correct. I didn’t actually time it as I was at work, but I think 5 minutes is a safe bet. Also, this is the bagged version.

I thought I had tried this before, but I can’t seem to locate a tasting note on it. The dry leaf aroma was very strong and heavily laced with bergamot. It definitley conjured up an image of Paris, which I always reminisce about when drinking Earl Greys.

The taste is okay. As others have mentioned, it’s definitely not the best Earl Grey I’ve ever had. But it’s probably not the worst either. Or come to think of it, maybe it is the worst simply because I haven’t had much to complain about in prior Earl Grey experiences. (EDIT: I take that back. Samovar’s Earl Grey was disgusting and definitely the worst by far!)

Nonetheless, this is still very drinkable. I added a little bit of sweetener to try and cut the bitterness. It helped a bit, but the bitterness is still there. It’s an interesting bitterness because it’s clearly not coming from the tea, but from the bergamot itself. How strange.

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t be inclined to stock up on this stuff. The bergamot flavoring is a little flaky and bitter, but overall it’s not a bad tea. I’d rather have this than no tea at all. :)

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Every time I read a review of this tea I can’t figure it out. I have tried this 3 or 4 times at starbucks and have never been able to detect the bergamot. I don’t know maybe they sell so little of it here that it is always stale.


I haven’t tried this at Starbucks. Maybe it’s the way the brew it that makes the flavor not quite right. I bought my teabag from the coffee cart lady at my work, so I was able to control the infusion.

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254 tasting notes

I was at a meeting today where they offered this tea at the coffee/tea station. The last time I tried it, there seemed to be some scent/flavor contamination from a Pu’erh (yeah, fishy Earl Grey!) but before I receive some of the full leaf from a swap, I wanted to try a Pu’erh-free teabag to compare.

This was actually close to par with the fishy one, if you can believe that! I didn’t have a way to time my steep or control the temperature of the water, so I just had to guess. It was a short break, so the steep only lasted something like three minutes. I was pretty surprised at its bitterness, and the savage bite of its astringency. The bergamot overwhelmed the black tea base, and the three packets of raw sugar I added didn’t make a dent.

I finished it, but mostly because I was thirsty and didn’t want to interrupt the meeting by getting up. So much for the second try!

3 min, 0 sec

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136 tasting notes

Backlogging from last night:
This came in an assortment box that I purchased a while back, when I first began exploring teas. Not realizing I liked Earl Greys back then, it went untested. Having tested Stash’s Earl Grey and Double Bergamot Earl Grey recently, I found Tazo’s to be more “substantial” … meaning, I could taste the tea over the bergamot, and it was a strong cup of Earl Grey. No bitterness, nice balance.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Do you drink this with milk and sugar? I don’t like this plain at all. I tried it so I could have another go at earl grey, but I just can’t quite get the fuss!


Yea, I added honey and a tiny bit of cream (Coffeemate Sweet Cream). I wouldn’t say I love this either, but would drink it in a pinch (at least it was better than some other bagged ones I tried).

Daniel Scott

Interesting, I’ve found Tazo’s bases to be all over the place (some strong enough, some not). I’ll have to try this one.

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477 tasting notes

I am only drinking teas that I am very low on at the moment, in an effort to declutter my physical cupboard (or rather, “shelf”).

I can’t remember the last time I tasted this in front of Steepster (although I remember having a few bags of this on campus with me), and the teabags themselves are obscenely old.

The smell of the dry teabag reminded me very strongly of the earl grey shortbread cookies I purchased one time. A sort of gritty bergamot and cookie smell. Those things were delicious. The steep loses that smell a bit, the bergamot becoming much brighter and citrusy, although pleasant and light.

Aaaaaug it tastes gross. I think these teabags are TOO old. Or at the very least, I seriously oversteeped it. The tea is very bitter, and the bitterness of the bergomat is reaching out too. I also keep thinking I either taste or smell lavender somewhere in there. I think I’m just going to dump this. It was the very last teabag anyways, which is sad because I remember having a good reaction to it when I made it to bring to class with me.

It doesn’t look like I ever gave it a rating previously, and I don’t think I will now. Not until I get a proper cup of this to try.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Oh no! Think of the “like” as a “hug.”


Really, it’s ok to rate it now. This is not a wonderful Earl Grey. I drank quite a bit of it early in my tea adventures and the bergamot is so incredibly strong and volatile it gave me a stomach ache no matter what I did to prepare it. There’s not a lot you can do to improve it, I’m afraid.


Aw, but it’s not fair if I’m pretty sure the teabag is somewhere OVER five years old.

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