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From Golden Moon Tea

Golden Moon Tea delicately blends hand-plucked white loose leaf tea leaves and exquisite Yin Zhen buds with freshly dried ginger root to produce a sweet and enlivening cup. Ginger, treasured by traditional herbalists for its strengthening and digestive properties, lends a spicy and aromatic note to the clear infusion. White Ginger, delicate yet vibrant, serene yet sensuous, warming yet refreshing. Ingredients: White tea, ginger root

About Golden Moon Tea View company

Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

37 Tasting Notes

1994 tasting notes

I’ve now been through three steeps of this and it has grown on me sufficiently to be able to answer the question I’d posed to myself. Yes, I could see myself choosing this over an unflavored white. Maybe not all the time, but it could happen. The ginger has a staying power that I think would be really useful for an off-tummy day, and it also seems like a really nice season-shift selection for the time between summer and fall for some reason.

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558 tasting notes

Another sample from the wondrous golden moon sampler. This is a very delicate blend. I only steeped for two minutes, on the lower end of the suggested 2-4 minutes, as I am not fond of Ginger. This tea has just the slightest tingle of Ginger in the aftertaste. It seems to build with each sip I take. I do like the white tea base that was used for this as it doesn’t taste vegetal or grassy. This was a nice hydrating cup.


This is one of the ones I’m looking forward to most! I love ginger and buy it in bulk to add to different teas. I am; however, picky about my tea/flavor ratio for all flavored teas so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like preflavored.

Meghann M

I wished I had saved my leaves to try a second infusion with a longer steep, but I am staying with family and they “helped” me by cleaning up my tea stuff and rinsing it out. Oh well.


Ah! That drives me nuts! :(


That’s almost as bad as when my Mom comes over to visit and adds sugar to tea that really doesn’t need it and then leaves over half a cup. Which she did about a week ago. I chalked it up to lessen learned only serve her what I KNOW she likes.

Kathryn Ann

I just finished drinking my sampler of this tea as well, what a coincidence! I thought the ginger in it wasn’t that strong since I’m not a huge fan of ginger flavor either. I also liked how it wasn’t so grassy. Sucks that you didn’t get a chance to do multiple infusions, thats one of my favorite things about white teas :(

Meghann M

Soccermom-good idea to just give her what she’ll drink.

I’m looking forward to multiple infusions of the White Persian Melon. Maybe I’ll try that one tomorrow afternoon. That one sounds so good!


@SoccerMom that’s an awful waste! at least my mom tries everything i give her, and then emails me her reviews, she thinks i’m after her with all the rooibos and wants to know where her caffeine is


AmazonV… emails her reviews? Just get her on steepster!=D


AmazonV- That’s sweet/cute how she emails you reviews.


it’s usually “yea that one you dropped off, ditto, buy some” “is this one caffeinated” “i don’t like the idea of buttered vegetable tea”

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176 tasting notes

I’ve had this sample hanging around for a while now. I’m pretty eager to try it, although I see it has received some not-so-good reviews. This doesn’t really concern me because a lot of people didn’t seem to like Golden Moon’s White Licorice either, but I loved it.

The aroma of the dry leaf is just your average, meat and potatoes white tea smell. I don’t detect any ginger.

If I randomly drank from a cup of this, I wouldn’t know I was drinking something that is supposedly ginger flavored. I can’t taste ginger, I only taste a nice white tea. This tea tickles your tonsils on the way down, so maybe that’s the ginger. It would be nice if I could taste it, though.

I don’t taste ginger, but what I do taste is good.

4 min, 0 sec

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1112 tasting notes

1st steep: 3 min, 180 – I tasted a whole lot of nuthin. I used one teaspoon, so that might have been the problem. Maybe my water was too cold? The directions say just under boiling.

2nd steep: 3 min, 190 – I added the rest of the packet for this second steep. The tea is much darker. I’m tasting a nice, lovely gentle white tea flavor and the barest hint of ginger. Not even a tingle. Nary a burn! If I was a catty lady, I’d call this tea “Milquetoast!”

I like it, but it’s much more subtle than my tastes run. I rather have a gingery peppery herbal if I was going in the ginger direction, and more of a green tea taste if I was going the tea way.

Those that have the Golden Moon sampler – did you use the whole packet per 8 oz water for each steep with white teas? Am I missing anything else (like is my water temp way off?). I just want to make sure I treat the rest of the white teas in my sampler right :) Thanks!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

JacquelineM, I measure my whites by weight because it’s hard to cram white tea leaves into a measuring spoon. Because of this reason, a lot of people that use one for their whites use up to one tablespoon. Whites are really delicate so I don’t think the water temperature is the issue. Infact their suggestion of “just under boiling” made me gasp. I prefer 160-180.


I think a nice little scale is in my future :) I knew once I started using the thermometer, the scale would not be far behind!


Hmm. I’ve just been dumping the entire packet into my infusing basket. I agree with Cofftea, in that the white tea aspect of this makes me think that your water temperature wasn’t too cold since I usually like my whites around 160-170. Though, if they say just under boiling…I dunno? Now you’ve got me intrigued. Maybe I’ll give this one a try today.


Although some Japanese greens call for boiling so Idk…


I just checked the Golden Moon website—says “Each tea sampler makes one (1) cup of perfectly brewed tea.” I had the same question as I purchased the sample set but haven’t started yet. Would be happy to hear others’ experiences as well.


PattiM – I saw that too, but I got 16 oz of very flavorful tea out of my Honey Pear sample. I don’t believe them ;)


I haven’t tried it yet either, but I do know that they all weigh different amounts. One even had as little as 1.8g I believe.


Yeah, depending on the sample packet, most of these teas have more than one cup in them. Jacqueline, I dumped the entire packet in for the whites save for licorice I believe (since I was terrified of it to begin with). Snow Sprout, I dumped the packet in as well. Most of the blacks, greens, etc., there’s enough for two cups. At least in my experience!

Your water temperature looks absolutely fine.

GM’s water temperatures aren’t the greatest. Nothing is specific. They’re not quite right about their green oolong either (Orchid Temple, I believe), which definitely should not be done with boiling. So just check Steepster and similar teas to see what people have done and how it’s worked out. :)


I used the whole package when I made this. I didn’t think there were enough leaves with one teaspoon.

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314 tasting notes

Hmmm….Ginger Chicken with Asparagus?? ;)

Actually, no that was just my initial impression—it’s the steamed ginger scent that’s throwing me off a little bit. But this does taste kind of “brothy” to me. I’m not detecting any sweetness like the description implies.

This is definitely a warming cup of tea and seems soothing to the stomach. But I guess it’s the white tea I’m not favoring too much. Very faint and tannic.

A sort of “anemic” tea that’s been invigorated by ginger.

The more I sip, I can’t help thinking that this reminds me of chicken soup! There’s this noodle restaurant near me that serves the best chicken noodle soup and they put a lot of ginger in it. So, I think this would be very good if you have a cold….kind of like a tea equivalent of “chicken soup”, I guess?

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Lol. I remember now that you did say white teas can remind you of chicken soup. Here it was. This is the next thing I pulled out of the sampler randomly so I’ll have to see if I get the same thing out of it.


Like I said, white tea is “broth-y”! Like chicken broth! I don’t know what it is, but I taste that. It’s weird, maybe my steeping is wrong? Or maybe it’s the fact that white tea is chock-full of amino acids that it tastes “protein-like”!


Have you ever tried lemon verbena? If so, did you get brothy? I got REALLY brothy, like the juice from a roast lemon/herbed chicken out of that.


I have in perfumes but never in a tea. But it makes sense because lemon verbena is so herbal/herbaceous.


Oh, now I want Lemon Chicken!! Or even better—Lemon Chicken Wings!

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200 tasting notes

Golden Moon’s White Ginger tea is right splat in the middle of the road. Really, all it needs is some oomph to be a lovely, gingery, white tea. Sadly, it is oomphless. It smells like white tea, with a very slightly sweet note on the end that made me think of candied ginger. It tastes like white tea, with a very slightly gingery prickle in the throat as you swallow. If you like ginger, this tea will leave you far short of satisfied. You may be able to give it a bit of oomph by grating some ginger into your infuser, but with so many ginger teas out there, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

I love ginger! Most of the time if I want ginger tea, I just grate a bunch up & add hot water!


That’s the way to go, Terri. I do, however, also enjoy flavoured teas that have ginger in them as one of the ingredients. In this case, where it was just the tea and ginger, I would’ve been happier grating some ginger into it.

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187 tasting notes

So now we’ve come full circle.

This morning, Blood Orange Pu-erh, that had some ginger in it.

Followed by Orange Blossom, that had orange.

Now White Ginger, that has ginger in it. It’s been an orange and ginger day!

Anyway, this one looks very similar to the white base that GM uses in all of their other white teas. I think it’s a white peony? I’m not entirely sure. But that’s what it looks like. The leaves are pretty and full, with little scraps of ginger mixed in. The smell… I’m not getting really much of anything. If there’s anything that’s interesting about white tea, it’s that it’s not particularly aromatic.

Anyway, I steeped the entire packet of this up, and smiled at the resulting infusion. It’s a typical white color, that beige-yellow, and the smell is only slightly gingery. With a somewhat vegetal-white smell that’s pleasant but not anything exciting.

The taste… hrm. I’m not really getting all that much ginger! Maybe my packet was lacking some, but… it’s not particularly strong. Interestingly enough, I could taste the ginger much stronger in the Blood Orange Pu-erh this morning, and it wasn’t the dominant flavor there. This one is very light, as a white should be, with typical white nectar-sweetness. When the ginger does peep out, it’s not wowing me in any way, and adding anything spicy and special.

It’s like an echo of ginger, a shadow of it, a wisp. I don’t want a super-assertive ginger taste, but I do want something substantial. Of course, this could just be that my packet didn’t get enough ginger in it to meld properly with the white, but with this one, I’m sort of left wanting more.

Overall, though, a really good and interesting tea day! I’ve progressed from dark to light, drank 3 new teas, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome!

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I don’t think I’ve ever had ginger tea before, but the idea of white tea sweetness with ginger spicy-sweetness sounds good!


I found that the ginger flavor in it was good in terms of the balance of the ginger flavor — it tasted like actual ginger, not the idea of ginger — but that the flavor wasn’t quite right for me. It was interesting, but sort of unexciting…so…I think it’s not just your packet!


Thanks for the vote of confidence, sophistre! There’s just something that doesn’t gel in here. It’s not that it’s inauthentic or anything. I just don’t think the two flavors actually match up as nicely as I thought they would!

Shanti, I wasn’t getting as much ginger out of this one as I would have liked, unfortunately. The Blood Orange Pu-erh by Samovar I had this morning really had a nice ginger component to it, though!

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6768 tasting notes

I was preparing for something hideous with this because of all the reviews – mostly in the 30s and 50s range. But…

Where as I wouldn’t put it in my 70 percentile – I’m pondering the 60s. I don’t love it but…

This isn’t very gingery – which is fine by me – I do know that White Ginger is supposed to be mellower than regular ginger – but I think this is regular ginger and it’s in white tea…so…not sure. Regardless – the ginger isn’t harsh. It’s a bit chewy for a white tea but the flavor overall isn’t very memorable. It’s not bad, just not stunning!

It’s an OK tea, I suppose…

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911 tasting notes

The dry leaves smell pretty boring with nary a hint of ginger until I stuck my nose deep into the bag.

Only 1.8g of leaf – look, it’s an ROT teabag! – so I’m using the whole thing. We’ll see how it goes. The leaf looks pretty dry and un-fresh so I’m not expecting angels to sing or anything.

Post-brewing the tea smells like a mix of powdered ginger and a little fresh ginger. Not 100% fresh ginger but there’s enough of a fresh smell that it makes me happy.

I’m… mixed on the taste. I like the ginger. It’s warm on my tongue and gives my mouth a lovely tingle after I swallow. It’s really not overpowering which I almost find disappointing. But I’m not so fond of the tea base. I’m getting a little hint of green bean water with it. Though as it cools, it becomes more floral and that melds with the ginger better.

I really wasn’t expecting a lot out of this, but the more I sip, the more I like it.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Ahh, I should really start measuring my tea. I used 8oz of water for the entire packet. Yep, it’s definitely not fresh ginger, but it’s pretty similar to what they use for ginger snacks / ginger candy. Give it a longer steep, the ginger kick gets stronger =D


I normally use 2 tablespoons per 16 oz of water because I like my tea taste to be a bit stronger, unless otherwise specified.


Auggy wasn’t able to because the sampler only gave her 1.8g of loose leaves =(

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4843 tasting notes

I’m really enjoying this. It is so light and fresh tasting. The ginger isn’t an overwhelming flavor, but, I like it like this. (Of course, I do like my ginger good and strong too). I like that it tastes soft enough so that I can taste the sweet, tender white tea.

Overall, a very gentle, sweet yet spiced cup. Nice.


Two of my favorites…….white tea and ginger.The ginger has to be done softly or it would hide the white tea.

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