Salted Caramel Matcha

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Matcha Tea
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Butter, Caramel, Creamy, Grass, Salty, Sweet, Vegetal, Cream, Green, Salt, Sugar, Sugarcane, Butterscotch, Bitter
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175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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How it tastes
Rich & sweet caramel flavour with bursts of saltiness, balanced by the vegetal quality of matcha.

Made from a rich mixture of sugar, salt and butter, salted caramel was first crafted by a French chocolatier more than three decades ago. And now, we’re bringing that same drool-worthy flavour to your matcha cup. Indulge in this silky smooth green tea powder laced with the flavours of rich golden caramel & a touch of sea salt for the ultimate sweet & salty treat. How sweet it is.

Cane sugar, Matcha green tea, Salt, Natural sea salt caramel flavouring.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

21 Tasting Notes

1212 tasting notes

The flavor here is strong, but also pretty artificial. It’s definitely salted caramel flavored, but it’s sort of too powerful. I used extra milk, and I added whipped cream to the top to try to soften the boldness of the flavor. I didn’t get much matcha flavor until the last sip, where the saltiness sort of mixed with the matcha to evoke some seaweed flavor, which isn’t necessarily bad. I wouldn’t want it again.

Cameron B.

I have the artificial problem a lot with salted caramel flavored things, unfortunately. :(


Me, too. I don’t know why, but commercial salted caramel blends almost always taste chemically for me.


It’s too bad because they always sound so good!

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5174 tasting notes

(DavidsTea 36)

Yum, I like this matcha too. I wish it was more caramelly, and maybe a little less salty, but it makes a great latte!

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968 tasting notes

Penultimate advent matcha sampler tasting! Full packet wisked in plain oat milk, cold.

I really liked this one! It was really speaking “salted caramel” to me from the dry aroma, which became stronger once wisked. This is another one where the sweetness works in its favor, and it had a very sweet, buttery taste, and it really was giving me melted caramel vibes. As an added bonus, despite being a very strong, sweet, and pronounced flavor, this was one of the few where I was getting a mild vegetal/grassy matcha aftertaste.

I had tried Lupicia’s Caramel Matcha Au Lait in the past, and this is hands down way better than that one. It was quite lack luster and nothing about it really “tasted” like caramel, it was just sort of sweet and creamy (though it did have a more pronounced matcha flavor to it, as well).

This is another one that works well to me as a latte, but I’m not sure what kind of mileage I’d get from it as a smoothie; I am going to try to whip up something for tomorrow morning using dates, oats, a strong infusion of apple chai green tea, and almond butter, but I only got the dates and oats soaking on my lunch break and will have to wait until tonight to put the whole smoothie together to see how it goes.

Flavors: Butter, Caramel, Creamy, Grass, Salty, Sweet, Vegetal

Iced 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

We always end up with lots of extra dried fruit after Chinese New Year. Your smoothie descriptions have inspired me to try to use some up with your style of smoothies! Looking forward to giving it a try in a few weeks!

Mastress Alita

I had never given them a thought because a) I have no cooking abilities whatsoever so b) I have to use recipes as a result and c) every smoothie recipe ever has banana in it (and I’m sure everyone on this site knows how I feel about bananas by now). But I had gorbs of old matcha I needed to use up, so I just started experimenting until I found simple (non-banana) combos that worked for me. Now it’s just habit for me to have one waiting in the fridge for breakfast!

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145 tasting notes

I don’t think this tastes as good on its own. I tried to make it with just hot water, but it tasted too sweet, like it needed something extra to balance out the sweetness. However, with milk, this tastes wonderful. It feels very decedent and rich, almost like a milkshake. So, this is not a tea I see myself reaching for every day.

Flavors: Butterscotch, Caramel, Grass, Salt, Sugarcane, Sweet, Vegetal

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2493 tasting notes

DAVIDsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar – Day 13

Wow, this had a powerful aroma when I pulled the little packet out of its drawer! I immediately knew what it was without even looking at the name. I will say, I’m surprised they’ve been doing so many desserty flavors in such close proximity. There was maple, vanilla, gingerbread, and now this one all in the span of a few days. Not that I mind, I would just think they would spread them out more…

Prepared this as a matcha au lait (patent pending). I used 8 ounces of warm water to 4 ounces of milk. Honestly, this flavor just didn’t sound appetizing to me to drink straight, so my mind went to latte immediately.

It’s pretty tasty! I’m pleased by the amount of salt here, it’s just enough to really enhance the caramel without being weirdly salty. Sometimes I find salted caramel things to be too salty, and at the point I feel it takes away from the taste of the caramel. This has a pleasant caramel flavor as well that doesn’t taste artificial, which is something I’ve had issues with in the past with caramel syrups and the like. The grassy matcha is hanging out in the background, though I would prefer it more in the forefront. I do get a little bite of bitterness at the end of the sip.

Probably wouldn’t buy this since I would rather drink matcha without milk and these have too much sugar for that, but would definitely recommend it to anyone who drinks a lot of matcha lattes.

As for the jam, today it’s Grapefruit-Dragon Fruit Spread! Which is hilarious, because I just bought a dragon fruit at the grocery store last night. I’ve never had one, and I wanted to try it for “science” ha ha. I haven’t eaten it yet, but it’ll be fun to see how it compares. The jam is delicious! I get a sweet honey note at first bite, which is unexpected. The grapefruit is scrumptious, bright and zingy but not bitter. I’m not sure about the dragon fruit, as the grapefruit is rather dominant. But there is a vague sweet fruitiness as well that rounds it out nicely. I wish they offered a grapefruit jam year-round, it’s like a yummier marmalade! :3

(today’s advent teas:

Flavors: Bitter, Butter, Caramel, Creamy, Grass, Salty, Sweet, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 3 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I want to hear what you think about the dragonfruit! I haven’t had one in ages and don’t quite recall what the real thing tastes like.

Cameron B.

I’ll definitely have to work it into a note or put it on insta.

Roswell Strange

All the jams have sounded good so far, but this one has me SUPER fascinated! I don’t think I’ve ever seen dragonfruit in a jam/spread before.


I’d like to find a store that has dragon fruit for cheaper because the last time we got one, it was $11, which is a gross amount of money for a fruit.

Cameron B.

I think mine was around $6, which is still a lot but I felt it was reasonable for trying it once.

Silent Kettle

I bought this one after reading your review! You’re so right, it does have a powerful, baked goods type smell to it! I absolutely adored this one as well. It works so great as a latte.

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6098 tasting notes

DAVIDsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar – Day 5

This review is for salted caramel matcha infused white chocolate star.

People really seemed to enjoy this one a lot but I have a weird thing about white chocolate. I like white chocolate flavored things. I will add white chocolate to things. However, when it comes to taking a bite out of a solid piece of chocolate, I really don’t like white chocolate that much. So that took away from this a bit for me. However, it did have a very nice salted caramel flavor in addition to the white chocolate and that has me very excited to try the salted caramel matcha.

Cameron B.

Yeah, white chocolate isn’t one of my favorites to just eat either…

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1177 tasting notes

DavidsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 13

I feel like the overall rating for this tea must be off lol, considering the reviews I see are in the 80s…I also will be putting this one in the 80s! This was my Sunday matcha (this is a backlog note), and this is what I like in a flavored matcha. It reminds me of the good ol’ Red Leaf Tea days, where another of my gateway flavored matchas was a caramel one. This takes me there, and the slight saltiness adds a nice matcha-y note! Really enjoyable, will finish this off with absolutely no problem. Well done tea!

Prepared in the usual way, 175 degree water, whisk, top up with hot water, drink. Yummm.

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29 tasting notes

Just popping on here to say that this matcha makes for a phenomenal hot latte! It’s so, so good!

I’m currently working on my full review for my blog, which is still a couple weeks away… STAY TUNED :)

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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11929 tasting notes

Does anyone here on Steepster remember Red Leaf Tea’s Caramel Matcha!? I’m pretty sure that was one of the first ever flavoured matchas I fell in love with, and while it has been years since I last had it… I remember it quite fondly.

I enjoy this matcha a lot – I’m not sure why, but despite the fact that caramel is insanely challenging to capture as a flavour in LLT it seems to work really well when you combine it with matcha – and so I think DT carrying some kind of caramel type of matcha was really only a matter of time. I enjoy the caramel in this a lot – it leans more into the creamy elements of a good caramel and it feels pretty rich and gooey despite not having a “darker” or “deeper” density to the flavour. As with most of DT’s matchas, this is pretty sweet (from the added sugar) but I expect that from a caramel profile. Still, I do personally find the recommended 5-6 Matcha Spoons a bit much.

An important thing to remember, this is a Salted Caramel matcha and you can definitely taste the salt in the tea! I mean, not surprisingly IMO since there is actual salt mixed in with the matcha powder. It mostly present in the initial sip, as a salinity that leans into the umami and vegetal matcha notes and then that hit of salt breaks into the sweetness of the caramel. When this tea was being developed, we debated a lot about what the “right amount” of salt was, and there were actually version that were significantly saltier than what we settled on. I really like the addition of the salt, as it makes the flavour much more dynamic and layered feeling and transitioning from salt to caramel really does make the sweetness and richness of it pop more.

Absolutely delicious on its own, but in my opinion this matcha is at its best when made as a latte!! I totally recommend trying it that way!

Friendly reminder that I do not numerically rate DAVIDsTEA blends as I’m currently employed there and it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Any blends you see with numerical ratings were rated prior to my employment there. These reviews are a reflection of my personal thoughts and feelings regarding the teas, and not the company’s.


I totally remember that one!


It was delish! Don’t they still sell it? They are Matcha Outlet now.

Mastress Alita

Matcha Outlet gutted all their cool flavored matchas… I’m sad I never had a chance to try any of them.


D25 was an excellent unflavored. I know Superanna bought some not long ago.

Lexie Aleah

Same, I waited too long to place an order with them and then all the interesting flavors were gone.I did get to try their caramel matcha in a sample once though and really enjoyed it.


Just saw this review, and yes I remember RLT Caramel Matcha! I miss their flavors!

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