Ice Cream Cake

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Black Tea
Artificial Flavouring, Black Tea, Natural Flavours, Roasted Carob, Sprinkles, Vanilla, White Chocolate
Caramel, Cream, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Pancake Syrup, Sugar, Sweet, Cake, Candy, Cocoa, Honey, Artificial
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  • “Basically this tea makes me want to smash keys at random because I lose the ability to do anything else after taking a sip. OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAH. It’s so creamy and I get a lot of strawberry and...” Read full tasting note
  • “I really want to eat some ice cream right now. So, what am I going to do? Drink ice cream cake tea! The dry leaves smell really weird. Like something sweet but in an artificial, chemically way. ...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sipdown! Yeeaaahhh! It’s been too many tea-less days for me. Still not 100%, but throat is no longer rejecting tea, and I can, at least for now, still taste. Woo! So since this was the bottom of...” Read full tasting note
  • “The beau has been dying to brew some of this up, so I figured we’d give it a go. The first thing I noticed was a lot of “scum” on the top, likely from the chocolate, sprinkles and freeze dried ice...” Read full tasting note


Let them drink tea

Does life get any better than chocolate cake? Well…what about chocolate ice cream cake? It’s basically the king of desserts – rich, sweet and creamy. And with this decadent black tea blend, your favourite indulgence is just a sip away. It has everything you want in a dessert: white chocolate vanilla, carob, sprinkles, and little pieces of freeze-dried ice cream. Try it with a dollop of whipped cream. And a cherry on top.

Price per 50g: $8.50

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

96 Tasting Notes

1220 tasting notes

Basically this tea makes me want to smash keys at random because I lose the ability to do anything else after taking a sip. OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAH.

It’s so creamy and I get a lot of strawberry and vanilla. That’s fine by me because like I used to love Neapolitan ice cream but I’d skip out on the chocolate when possible. omg I can’t even care about all the ~ artificial ~ flavors in here because it’s better than any ice cream cake I can go out and buy right now.

And 50g costs the same as a pint of my favorite ice cream sooooo TEA IT IS. Now I regret not getting 100g. I should just move to Canada already before I get questioned about why I get so many things from here, hahahaha.

Anyway it does remind me a lot of the Neapolitan Honeybush but it’s different in a good way, so I definitely see myself enjoying both.

I cannot wait to try this iced. In fact I may convince myself to stop drinking it for the time being so I can do so now instead of later. AHHH.


how strong is the stevia? I’m really not a fan!


I barely notice it other than in the smell..I notice it gives things like a scent of alcohol. I could barely drink Southern Belle cause of the stevia but this one it’s hardly noticeable to me because of the creaminess it seems.


This one and Chocolate Cake really do a good job of actually tasting like dessert. Not kind of tasting sweet, not ‘oh hey, the aftertaste is of ice cream’, it’s full in your face dessert. Much more satisfying.


I got that one too, I’m gonna try it later! I always want cake so I can say for a fact just with this one it does its job of fulfilling the craving!

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639 tasting notes

I really want to eat some ice cream right now. So, what am I going to do? Drink ice cream cake tea!

The dry leaves smell really weird. Like something sweet but in an artificial, chemically way. Uh oh. There’s a myriad of stuff in this tea, and I think that stuff is outnumbering the actual tea leaves, of which there doesn’t appear to be much. The brewed tea aroma is different but still weird. It’s turned towards a sweet cream, buttery smell but there’s still something artificial about it. Maybe this will be okay. The liquor is really dark like Salted Caramel was, but there’s also some floaties that are probably the dissolved remnants of sprinkles.

Time to try it! First sip without additions tastes sweet, slightly artificial like the aroma, but then the after taste tastes like ice cream! And I’m even getting a slightly bakey taste like there’s cake in here too. Hmm, this is an intriguing tea. The tea itself is completely masked by the flavorings, but it’s very creamy! I’m also getting a weird scritchy scratchy feeling in the back of my throat with each subsequent swallow. I think the freeze-dried ice cream in this blend was probably a mistake.

Have you ever eaten freeze-dried ice cream? Like the kind that comes in a bag and is always labeled astronaut food? It’s disgusting. Really. It’s really really terrible. I think that addition is probably what makes me not like this blend. You know what else this reminds me of? Non-dairy creamer. How can it be cream if there’s no dairy in it? That’s what this tea is like. It’s ice cream without the ice cream.

Also, I have to say that I have NO idea what people are talking about who compare this to a Neapolitan. There’s no strawberry flavor or milk/dark chocolate flavor. And rightly so since there’s only white chocolate in the ingredients and it doesn’t say anything about strawberry. But the lack of strawberry doesn’t make much of a difference to me. That’s not the dealbreaker anyway.

If you can get past that scratchy feeling in the back of your throat and the artificial tasting flavorings, then it’s not that bad. It’s drinkable, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any more once my sample runs out. It’s also not settling my craving for the real thing. Actually, I’m kind of getting a sore throat now. Maybe this stuff isn’t good for me…I don’t think I’ll finish the cup. Oh well. It was worth a shot! And that’s why you buy samples. ;)

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Aweeee honey go get some ice cream!


I think some things just can’t be made into tea successfully, and ice cream is one of those things.


Just NO substitute!


Hear Hear!


I can’t recall what exactly I thought of this one, but I have that scritchy throat feeling with rooibos pretty frequently. Not sure why, or whether it’s a flavouring thing or rooibos thing (as ice Cream Cake is black, I’m inclined to think flavouring). I avoid teas that do that to me, now. I don’t think Birthday Cake did it, nor Chocolate Cake.


Whoaaa, Krystaleyn! You changed your name to Kittenna??


Yeeaaaah. Alternate alias; I couldn’t come up with something better. I was talking about tea to my parents last night, and mentioned the Teavivre free tea thing, and as I was saying goodbye to my dad, I hear my mom in the other room ‘so Steepster? I searched for Teavivre and found this Steepster thing?’ so I yelled at her to type in, to get her away… so I got really paranoid that they’d find me (given that they know that alias AND it was my actual picture), and I just don’t want them reading my personal stories that I’ve posted on here! I actually went and edited a few posts last night because of it… Long story!


Hahaha, why don’t you want your parents to read your tea tasting notes?


I don’t care about the tasting notes themselves, it’s the personal things that I’ve said on here that I don’t want them reading :) I may go back and edit everything, but with 500+ notes, that will take a while!


OMG!! That seems like an awful lot of effort, haha! Just change your photo instead. :P


Photo and name are changed. I feel like they may not be showing up properly for everyone though.


Oh, I needed to clear my cache to see the new photo. I’m glad it didn’t change right away or I never would have known it was you! Haha!

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6106 tasting notes

Sipdown! Yeeaaahhh! It’s been too many tea-less days for me. Still not 100%, but throat is no longer rejecting tea, and I can, at least for now, still taste. Woo!

So since this was the bottom of the bag, it seems I got ALL the little sweet bits. So holy crap, this is one SWEET cup of tea! Definitely tastes of neapolitan ice cream cake though. Strawberry and vanilla moreso than chocolate. (And no little oreo fudgy bits either. Sigh.)

Not bad, although this cup in particular could use a stronger base. Not too sad that it’s all gone now, though, even though it was nice to try!

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Josie Jade

Haha, exactly how I felt about it too. Couldn’t finish it! Surely there is someone out there who will love this tea . . .

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709 tasting notes

The beau has been dying to brew some of this up, so I figured we’d give it a go. The first thing I noticed was a lot of “scum” on the top, likely from the chocolate, sprinkles and freeze dried ice cream. Neat idea, but not so attractive in practice. However, I have had a couple DT teas like this, and I’m not worried. The smell is yummy but very sweet – sweet is where my fear comes in here. I rarely sweeten my tea, and it bothers me that this one has stevia built in.

This one is really sweet. Very sweet. Some sips I enjoyed, where most I felt like I was drowning in sugar. Not quite the tea for me, though the idea was interesting. I could sort of see where ice cream cake was coming from, but it was sweeter than ice cream, if that makes sense. When I think of ice cream cake, I think of Dairy Queen cakes, and yummy fudge crumble in the middle with vanilla on the top, chocolate on the bottom and whipped cream icing. MMMM! Also, I did get an alcohol smell from the dry leaf – what does that? Is that the stevia leaf? Personally, I find it a little unsettling, though I have no problem with alcohol. Just not quite my thing.


The alcohol smell is probably a residual scent from the flavoring oil that is used in tea. Teas don’t always have that smell, but, if they’ve been flavored recently, they might.


Oh yeah, that makes sense. All my 52teas blends smelled really alcohol-y when they first came in the mail.


I had wanted to try this one but I was discouraged by the stevia as well. The DT employee tried to assure me that it’s stevia leaf and not actually stevia so it wouldn’t be too sweet. I raised my eyebrow at this and pressed my lips together. Otherwise I might have said some unwise things. In any case, I wasn’t convinced. Good to know that I judged rightly.


I’m not a fan of it when companies add stevia to a tea. I like to choose whether or not I am going to sweeten a tea … and when I do choose to sweeten, I rarely (practically never) choose stevia as my sweetener, as I am not fond of the aftertaste. Stevia leaf does taste better than the processed powder (which is processed from the stevia leaf), but, I still prefer a pinch of sugar to stevia. Even with the calories.


Agreed on the Stevia – it should be up to us. I think what they were going for was a Neapolitan type of ice-cream cake (if that exists?)

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676 tasting notes

Thank you TeaFairy for this big Sample

Everyone has been lovin this tea. I saved my big sample from TeaFairy for a sweet-tooth cravin day. One of those “I gotta have a candy bar right now” days when will power is gone…but TEA is plentiful. Oh yeah! Ice Cream Cake Tea!

All I have to say is…the reviews about the tea tasting like the name are all TRUE!
This tea is a great dessert! (It’s 2:30 though…when the sugar gremlins are out to get me)
I’ve foiled the plans of the sugar gremlins because this is creamy, cakey and exactly like the “I put the bowl in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it a bit” feel and flavor the kid in me loooves. I know that you can identify with that goopy ice cream cake melty in a bowl flavor too.

Sometimes, I think drinking tea is like playing dress-up. With each tea I can put on another character depending on the flavor and character of the tea. This one being young and playful…I feel like a kid again!

So good!


Adding to my wish list!

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516 tasting notes

It’s not bad, but it’s not that good really…
well, I don’t find myself craving it. It smells out of this world sweet and delicious, but falls a little short on the taste spectrum for me.

A little milk and sugar give it some body and do add to the creaminess of it. Unfortunately because of the amount of scum (delicious scum, but still scum haha), I don’t see as an iced tea. I could imagine little bits of stuff, bah. A teasac might help on that front – but then some flavour would be lost, and I don’t think it could stand to lose any more flavour.

Well, those are my thoughts! It’s tasty, but not spectacular – it’s certainly unique though!

Birthday cake is still my favorite, I should probably stock up before it’s gone.

Edit: on the topic of not cake, I’m doing a video game week on my blog. Anyone here play videos games while they drink tea? I’m an offender! But anyways I want to do an interview with you :D

Dylan Oxford

I definitely have been known to have tea with my video games :)


I can indeed vouch for this. We even have a raid tea. ;)


Oh man. I read your (Missy)‘s comment at first (via email), and out-of-context, all I could think of was ’why on EARTH would someone have a tea based on an insecticide?!’ Haha. Makes much more sense now.


lmao!!!! That’s awesome. :D


I almost exclusively drink tea while playing video games. Two loves combined!

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1473 tasting notes

Nom. Nom nom nom nom nom. Gah, I was so excited for this tea and it lived up to the hype. I’m not one for milk in my tea, but a touch of rice milk in these cake teas takes them to a whole new delicious level. Even without the milk, it’s creamy and the sips are different! On one sip I get chocolate and on the next I get strawberry…oh my goodness, I have missed strawberry ice cream. This is a beautiful tea I can’t wait to stock up on.

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137 tasting notes

Yesterday was not my day. I had a job interview that I was super nervous about (which went terribly, by the way. Almost comically so :P) so I was on edge all morning. I thought a cup of this might cheer me up with its sweet creamy deliciousness. I love how the vanilla really comes out and mingles with the very subtle chocolate and strawberry notes. I wasn’t too thrilled with the cake teas overall, but this one is so unique (and did I mention creeeamy?).

So after I get the leaves all ready in a tsac and have my lovely tea steeping away on the counter, I decided to do a few dishes while I waited. And of course with my supreme clumsiness I managed to knock over a glass bottle and helplessly watched as it shattered all over my kitchen. Sigh. So while I was cleaning up that doozy of a mess I ended up completely forgetting about my tea. By the time I got to it, it was terribly bitter and oversteeped. I tried to force some of it down since I’m almost out of Ice Cream Cake, but it wasn’t worth it.

So with my day starting out like that, and then with the interview going so terribly bad, I was in a bit of a funk yesterday. I hope today cuts me a break :)


awww that’s too bad! I really hope today is better for you :)


Oh no, hopefully today goes better. Sorry about the interview.


Thanks! So far, so good :)


That sucks. Cheers to a great cup of tea and a better day!


Fingers crossed that your next interview rocks!! :)


Thanks everyone! Steepster folks are the best :)

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62 tasting notes

Is not a very happy camper right now. So I saw this tea and wanted to try it. Now I read some reviews that people said it had stevia in it. And I hate! stevia I don’t know just doesn’t settle well with me. So I tripple checked the ingredient list on there website to make sure it didnt. And it had no stevia in the ingredient list, so i thought they must have changed the ingredients so yay no stevia.

So couple days later the tea arrives I get all excited try this first. And what do I taste stevia! Look on the ingredients on the package and its different then the website! Its has stevia in it. I’m not going to rate this tea yet cause I dont know how I feel about it.

Its kinda sweet tea, but I get that stevia taste that I hated! in southern bell tea. Gah Ill try this again sometime soon but for now Darn you wrong ingredient list!!


write a strongly worded note on the website :) But in all seriousness, I’d at least say something. Worries me a little when things like that are wrong since it would leave me skeptical about what other things that might have “missed” as an ingredient. thankfully i have no allergies/hatreds yet..


It worries me too because I do have allergies/ sensitivities. I sent them a email saying they should properly advertise what is in there tea and I wouldn’t have gotten this if I knew what was in it. Its just so frustrating!


Blech, this was one way too sweet to me. Too bad you ended up having to order a full pouch of it.


Yeah it sucks but I tried it with a splash of milk and its more drinkable now :)


i haven’t tried ice cream cake, but birthday cake seems to have a strange ‘film’ issue that makes me feel like i’m drinking a slight bit of liquid plastic.. which i probably am. i mean, i know it’s the sprinkles that are making that happen, but i’m kinda surprised davidstea would think that was a good idea.
i keep trying to drink what i have but it’s taking a long time, i always drink the creme caramel first.


Try doing a quick 30 second steep with boiling water and throwing it out. The second steep will be much more drinkable.


Oh good idea I’ll try that thanks


I’m super interested in trying Ice Cream Cake and Southern Belle. If they don’t work out for you I’d love to trade or something.

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1379 tasting notes

This is the last of my sample and I was surprised I had not already reviewed this tea.

In appearance the tea is dark brown/black in small squiggly pieces mixed with small chocolate pieces, some sort of biscuit looking pieces, large vanilla pod chunks and an abundance of rainbow sprinkles. It’s a happy sort of mixture.

The blend has a dark cocoa and vanilla aroma with some strange chemical tang. Oohh that’s not good.

Once steeped the tea is dark brown in appearance and has a sweet and creamy vanilla candy scent that is somewhat artificial.

Well it’s naturally sweet and very vanilla candy like but it’s rather pleasing. It has a silky creaminess that is smooth and elegant with enough vanilla ice cream essence to remind me of childhood. The chocolate is there but more in the after taste and with a cocoa slightly sour and sweet kick.

It doesn’t quite taste like ice cream cake but it’s not a bad feat for a tea. It’s creamy, sweet, vanilla, thick, chocolatey and good to drink if your craving something naughty (like I am craving an actual ice cream cake now).

Still the artificial flavours and smell knock this down from being something I would order or trade for again.

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